Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heat-loving octopus agave creates garden focal point

It's hard to plant when it's 100 degrees.  And it's not time to buy seeds yet.  And if I order bulbs they won't come for months.

But this pot spoke to me when I walked by it Friday at Barton Springs Nursery.

It said, "wouldn't I make a beautiful focal point for the black sheep bed at the end of the driveway?  Wouldn't I make the other bed across the driveway jealous?  I know you want to take me home."

I ignored the pot's pleading and walked on down to the agaves. 

That's when this octopus agave whispered to me, "wouldn't I look stunning in a cobalt blue glazed pot?  I know where you can find one."

Now,  I'm used to talking to myself, and I'm used to answering myself.  But when pots and plants start to talk back, it's time to listen.

So, into the car they went.  And this morning I grunted and groaned as I raised up the pot, planted the agave with no spiky injuries and stood back, saying to myself,

"Isn't this a beautiful focal point for the black sheep bed at the end of the driveway?  And isn't that agave stunning in the cobalt blue glazed pot?"

To which I replied, "yes, it is."


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

So glad it did so much talking. Beautiful blue and great looking agave.

Diana said...

Janet - Yes, I have no willpower, and it sounded like a good rationalization to me!

Desert Dweller said...

That looks great, especially the blue! I wonder how well octopus agaves do in pots there, but you never know.

danger garden said...

Well done! I love a good tale of plant purchase rationalization.

Amy Farrier said...

Gorgeous! Also, I love that you have a "black sheep bed."

Patrick's Garden said...

Well I was distractedly rolling down your blog this early am and got hit in the face with this blue orb........... cobolt blue that is. I admire you seeing a fleeting opportunity and grabbing it when you could.
It's something I can't do as a quad for the last 10 years. But thank you for imparting that feeling for just a glaring moment. I'm sure the glow had to have been your pot, honey.