Sand between my toes...

I've missed my garden.

We've been on a wonderful vacation at Virginia beach.  We played in the ocean, read on the beach, toured Colonial Williamsburg, and went through the whirlwind of Busch Gardens.

There's a post in there somewhere -- probably tomorrow.  I thought I would blog on the trip, or write some draft posts for later, or read blogs.

But I didn't.

I enjoyed the true vacation, but I missed my garden and the blogs.

And while reading garden magazines on the plane home, I found the inspiration I'd been missing in the mid-summer slump.

I made note after note about new gardening, landscaping, blogging and article ideas. 

So, tomorrow it's back to the real world or writing, drawing and planning.  (Oh, and laundry.)

But I really did enjoy having my toes in the sand!