Friday, August 24, 2012

Garden inspiration, great plant combinations on vacation

This year's low-key vacation didn't include any garden tours for me, though I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful gardens we enjoyed while at the amusement park on our trip to Virginia Beach.
I know, it's called Busch Gardens, but I hadn't really thought about the Gardens part of it.  The entire park is nestled into lush gardens that soften and enhance the entire family experience.
There were colorful and clever little vignettes around every corner.
Even though she was more interested in all the wild and wacky rollercoasters, Kallie appreciated the flowers, too and was one of the prettiest blooms in this garden.
Being so close to the beach, the garden glowed with traditional tropical colors and textures -- all plants I love.
It was beautiful and made our experience there (the walking, waiting and sweating!) much more pleasant.

I suspect I'll have some serious garden photos to share on our next summer vacation, which will be Thailand.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

When the kids were little and my girl friend and I would take them to Busch Gardens, we loved it!! The kids were constantly calling-- Come on Mom! Quit looking at the flowers. hahaha. I think Busch Gardens is the prettiest park. As Master Garderers we were able to go 'behind the scenes' and tour the greenhouses. It was lots of fun.

Diana said...

Janet - How funny. I'd love to go on a behind the scenes tour. It is amazing how they put it all together and maintain all those plants...and the weeding!!!!

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