Summer perennials blooming even in the heat and drought

While some of the early spring-through-fall bloomers are taking a break in all this heat, some of the mid-summer bloomers are putting on a show.

I love this thryallis in the front xeric bed.  It's a focal point and should have plenty of room to grow and shine.

One of my all-time go-to favorite plants, Mexican oregano.  It's tough as nails and tolerates the heat and the drought.
The the new-ish plants in the back shade bed are starting to fill in and making a lovely cool landscape.

After going after the new gold lantana with a machete (just kidding, but I DO own a machete!), I can now see the agave Americana var.  I know it won't be long before it's a giant.
The combination of my transplanted coneflowers next to the May night salvias makes a nice contrast.
After a little pruning and clean up of the dead spring flowers last week, the cutting garden has new bloomers.  The larkspur and bluebonnets are all gone and the Klondyke cosmos, blackberry lilies and Clematis are blooming.

Now it's time to prune all the other early bloomers so we have time for another flush of blooms.  Too hot to plant, but sadly, not too hot to prune and weed!  After 109 on Monday, today's high of 88 with cloud cover was great and I spent a long time deadheading and pruning the lamb's ears, narrow-leaf zinnias and the Santolina.  It was really delightful with a little breeze.

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