Friday, June 1, 2012

A garden path less traveled...

On Sunday we finally got to join our host, Christopher, of Outside Clyde, at his mountain top garden, Ku'ulei'Aina, (which means My Beloved Land) and his mother's neighboring garden, Bonnie Brae (as the steep mountain path winds). It was a beautiful, warm day, filled with sunshine and the sweet smell of green on the mountain top. We started with a delicious fresh lunch outside and then scattered about like little beetles, seeking a path less traveled to explore between the two quaint cottages.

 This cairn at the entrance to the property gives guests a rustic welcome.
Christopher built the house, which is literally perched on the mountainside. 
We all listen to the history of the two houses and gardens and get our guidance for winding through the mountain paths.
I didn't get the history of this old fireplace, but I'm sure it has stories to tell of days gone by.
I couldn't stop looking at the azaleas.  The early spring meant there weren't very many still in bloom.  We did see quite a few of the tangerine-colored ones -- I assume they bloom a little bit later.
Nestled in the very green of the woods were clusters of every kind of flower imaginable.  Some of them just popping up on the mountain, countless numbers of others, carefully yet randomly planted to contribute to the natural look and feel of the winding paths.

This is Christopher's mother's deck.  The view was incredible - I'm sure every post has the next picture in it.  Carol, of May Dreams Gardens is sure to have one in her post!  Though I didn't photograph it, I did enjoy sitting on another small circular deck, a few steps down from this one and under the canopy of some beautiful trees.

On our way back over to Christopher's we were all impressed with this huge boulder with the stream running out from under it. 
His stone labyrinth was inviting and I'm sure all 93 of us took a turn wandering through it.
I caught this little guy trying to crash our party.  We were all having such a wonderful time, I don't think anyone else noticed!

THANK YOU, Christopher, and your whole team, for a wonderful Fling and for sharing your own garden with us all.  It was amazing and I'm so glad to have been able to see it firsthand.


Pam/Digging said...

I feel fortunate to have spent such a lovely morning in his and Bulbarella's gardens too, Diana. I didn't end up taking pictures on this day but just strolled around and soaked it all in, so I'm glad to revisit the gardens in your post. I really did love that view from his mother's back deck.

Diana said...

I took far fewer pictures on this day - I was just too enthralled. (And trying to keep from slipping down the mountainside!)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

You know, I didn't get down the hill to do the labyrinth. There was just so much to see. I enjoyed the higher elevation and the later blooms. Slice of heaven.

btw- these word verifications are getting harder and harder to read

Christopher C. NC said...

You are welcome Diana. The peak of the lull may not be the best time for photos. It may take the color flash of flowers to get garden bloggers clicking. In the last week the number of things blooming has started to climb towards the summer crescendo.

Diana said...

Janet - I know there were several paths that I missed, but I wanted to take my time with the places I did explore. And I thought I'd turned word verification off...hmmm...I think blogs are like having Hal in your computer!

Christopher -- I'll just have to keep up with your waves of summer blooms via your blog. There were still plenty for us to enjoy around every little winding trail!

Lea said...

Have a great week-end!
Lea's Menagerie

Diana said...

Thanks, Lea -- you, too!

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vbdb said...

Love how Christopher refers to all of this glory as "the peak of the lull" and the way you managed to capture all of its serene beauty. It was truly magical.