Friends at the Fling - Garden Bloggers in Asheville 2012

My garden blogging friends who've never been to any of the five Garden Bloggers Flings often ask me, "what's it like?" That's a complicated answer because each Fling is so different -- geography, itinerary, participants, weather -- all play a factor. I love touring the gardens, both private and public, but it's the people that make the Flings so special.

Since helping with the first Fling held here in Austin 5 years ago, I've had the good fortune to attend all the subsequent Flings in Chicago, Buffalo, Seattle and now, Asheville. It's exciting to see so many of my garden blogging friends and to meet new ones each year.

So, this post is about the people at this year's Asheville, N.C. Fling. I simply can't name everyone in each of the photos, so I've not included names or blogs because I didn't want to leave anyone out. My memory just isn't what it used to be! As you read this post, though, please identify yourself and your blog in your comment back to me to jog my memory and let others find you.
Trekking up the hill to discover stone and garden goodies as Wamboldtopia.
Discussing the stonework at Wamboldtopia.
Listening to Christopher Mello explain about his special blue poppy.
At the cheerful entrance to the Sunny Point Gardens.
Perusing the rows and rows of beautiful veggies and herbs.
Everyone appreciated the drinks and snacks as we toured the gardens.
We all got time to visit over delicious bbq lunch at the gardens of Curve Studios.
Planking at the N.C. Arboretum!
Making a close inspection to verify a plant ID.
Enjoying snacks at the BB Barnes Nursery reception.
Our hosts at BB Barnes were so gracious and the nursery was a delight to wander much cool stuff.
Shopping, eating, drinking and chatting -- BB Barnes had it all.
It was so hard to decide where to start in the fabulous Gentling garden.
Is this a familiar pose, or what?
Comparing notes in the Gentling garden.
Taking a little rest after exploring all around the grounds.
There was so much to see at the Biltmore gardens.
And the view of the mountains and the countryside was spectacular.  With that breeze, I could have stayed there all day.
Nothing like a little champagne to rehydrate on a warm day!
The Community College gardens were so peaceful and tranquil -- and so enjoyable with friends on a quiet Sunday morning.

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