Loving my lush Central Texas garden

My garden is reaping the fruits of Mother Nature's labor.  Our wonderful spring rains have reinvigorated the gardens here in Central Texas, especially mine.

Lush isn't a word I typically use to describe my garden.  Hardy, drought tolerant, hot...those are the terms that come to mind most often.  

But after this morning's rain, I took a walk to look at all the lush hues of green in my garden. 
I hope this means that the deer have plenty to eat elsewhere -- I'd like to enjoy all this juicy foliage for a while.
Before the sun gets blistering, it's nice to enjoy this mottled shade.
Columbines, fatsia, ferns, hellebores and Greg's mistflower are happy with all the rain.
And I found a beautiful Hummingbird moth enjoying my larkspur in the cutting garden.

What's lush in your garden right now?

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