Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cauliflower harvest makes delicious dinner...

The winter vegetable garden came bearing gifts yesterday.

I ventured out into the rain to harvest our first cauliflower.

It was big and beautiful in the garden -- and it had been calling to me for several days.

With a nice roast, mashed potatoes and roasted beets waiting as accompaniment, I brought it in.

Of course, we took a few pictures of it first.

I cut it up and put it on a baking sheet with some olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Then I sprinkled a little shredded Parmesan cheese on it and topped that with some bits of garlic from the garlic press. After 30 minutes at 425 it was a nutty, cheesy, crunchy batch of yumminess.

Jeff checked online and learned that the beautiful leaves that I cut off of the cauliflower are also edible like greens. I cut and cleaned them and set them aside. Tomorrow I'll steam them and toss them with some bacon, onion and sea salt ... maybe a little balsamic vinegar, too.

There are three more heads of cauliflower growing in the garden, but they have a few more weeks to go so we have something to look forward to.


Caroline said...

With all the regular soaking rains, it's been a good year for cauliflower. I'm kicking myself for not planting any last fall!

Linda/patchwork said...

That's a great looking cauliflower. Maybe that's what I should have planted, instead of Brussels Sprouts. The plants are huge, but no sprouts, yet.

The cauliflower recipes sound yummy, too.

Ally said...

I wish I had planted more cauliflower. I only planted 2 plants, but they did very well. Alas, I did not think to eat the leaves, but my chickens thought they were good, so nothing went to waste.

Rohrerbot said...

Looks great! Beautiful cauliflower....and what you did with it sounds even better:) I need to grow more cauliflower during the winter. I plant the usual in Tucson...cilantro bok choy, etc etc....and it does well. Just never tried Cauliflower and I don't know why:) because I love it!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Good for you to grow cauliflower!! We love roasted cauliflower. Will add Parmesan cheese next time...yum!

Layanee said...

I love cauliflower. We are weeks away from planting it in the ground and then harvesting much later in the season.

kacky said...

I grow that at home as well- have never eaten the leaves- will have to try that out. Thanks for the idea! I make a cauliflower soup that is outstanding from the Pioneer Woman website if you are interested. It is delish.

Diana said...

Caroline -- I lost mine last year, so I'm excited to have these.

Linda/Patchwork -- I tried sprouts, too, but critters got them. I was so sad.

Ally -- Nice to have chickens to share all your scraps with.

Rohrerbot - Guess you'll have to try it next year. Our cilantrol is already bolting here and I'm so sad because I love it.

Janet - I really love it with a bechamel sauce - but that's not nearly as healthy!

Layanee -- And we can only grow it over the winter here!

Kacky - I'd love a cauliflower soup recipe -- I can only imagine it would be creamy and delicious.