Everbearing strawberries ready to eat...

The ever-bearing strawberries are bearing again. Kallie ate the first red, ripe, sweet, incredibly juicy strawberry from the garden this week. She pronounced it delicious.
I've eaten some of this broccoli, really I have. And I have another plant that hasn't bolted yet, so I will be eating that one, too. But I love letting some of them bloom because I think they are so pretty and delicate. Broccoli isn't something I think of as delicate. In fact, when Kallie was little we used to call them trees at the dinner table. But the blooms are so different.
So close...The bluebonnets are just swelling up with foliar pride with all this delightful rain. I can't wait to see them in all their blue splendor. They have self-seeded throughout the playscape pea gravel -- it's going to be a show.
I've seen many Texas mountain laurels blooming all over town, but mine are holding back just a little. Buds abound, though.

The Italian parsley is huge. I'm sure that the caterpillars are going to be very grateful when I have to turn it over to them. I'll have to get out there and sneak some for myself before they get here.

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