Broccoli brings back blogging...

After my holiday hiatus from blogging, reading blogs and pretty much anything that didn't have to do with a kid birthday, Thanksgiving & travel, a holiday party for 160 for which I cook, company for New Year's, and another kid birthday, I'm baaaaaack!

And this broccoli brought me back. This pretty, fresh and delicious green goddess adorned our dinner plates last night. Only a few of the winter veggies I planted actually survived our fall attack of the critters. Specifically, 2 broccoli plants, 1 green cabbage, 1 red cabbage and 1 cauliflower. The broccoli was the first to ripen.

I know sometimes there isn't a lot of difference in the flavor of a few of the home grown vegetables and those you buy. But for some veggies, it's a world of difference -- like tomatoes, or last night's broccoli.

And that was it. All gone. Makes me mad at the critters all over again.

But it sure was tasty.

And it makes me want to plant some more winter veggies this week...and blog about it!

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