Friday, October 14, 2011

Wildflower Wow

Wildflowers along our highways and byways were few and far between this year thanks to the drought.

But one little plant seems to have taken off outside of my garden.

Thanks to a some dribbles of water coming from the cutting garden bed on the other side of the fence, this wildflower has exploded into bloom in the easement beyond our property. (Like my Wisteria vine, it seems to enjoy playing hide and seek with me.)

After some research, I believe I've identified it as Coreopsis tripteris, or Tall coreopsis/Tall tickseed.

In any case, it's fabulous.

I know some of those seeds are going to find their way into my hands and then into an open area (more visible!) with some fresh soil and periodic gentle hand watering this fall.

This beautiful show of color is well worth a little starting TLC to help it along.

And here it is, sneaking through the spaces in the fence to show off to the other blooms in the cutting garden.

Although it's a little sparse because of the drought, the cutting garden has perked up in the last few weeks thanks to cooler night temperatures and our recent restorative rain.

Speaking of wildflowers, today begins the amazing Fall Plant Sale at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Here's the basic information from the Wildflower Center -- you can find more at their website.

Plant Sale -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 14 - 16.

Did the hottest, driest summer in Austin's recorded history leave you looking for new garden solutions? We can help! At the Wildflower Center's Fall Plant Sale and Gardening Festival you can choose from nearly 300 species of hardy Texas natives bred to deal with our Central Texas climate. Feel free to leave your plant purchases at the Holding Area while you finish enjoying your visit, or up until the Plant Sale closes Sunday at 5 p.m.

Admission: $8 adults, $7 seniors and students, $4 UT faculty, staff or students with identification, $3 children 5 through 12, members and children under 5 free.

  • If possible, bring your own wagon to haul your purchases
  • Plants may be purchased and held for pick-up
  • Recycle your reusable 4-inch and one gallon plastic pots, collection bin available at the front entrance.
  • Free cold filtered water, just bring your reusable water bottle, or buy one in the store.

Members Only Sale: Friday, October 14, 1 to 7 p.m. Friday's sale is exclusively for members of the Wildflower Center. Become a member online or at the preview sale.


Gail said...

Love that coreopsis. Mus check it out~Tall yellow flowers are very nice in a fall garden. I hope the recent rains have primed the pump and Austin will once again be getting regular rains. gail PS I would love to attend that sale!

Diana said...

I hadn't seen this one around here, so I'm glad to have it find me. I'll be thinking of you at the sale.

Linda/patchwork said...

Your cutting garden is looking good.
The coreopsis is quite nice, too. I guess your deer don't like it.
I planted one here, the first year....and, they ate it right down to the soil. Maybe mine was a different type.
The deer here eat, stomp or pull up everything. Of course, now is a bad time for them. And, we have SO MANY.
Enjoy this beautiful weather. And, have a great weekend.

Tina said...

Beautiful photo of the coreopsis--the fall yellow flowers are real winners and there's no shortage of them in Central Texas.

Rohrerbot said...

Nice bunch of yellow blooms. Coreopisis is a pretty tough plant.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

To be at that Wildflower sale would be a garden's dream!!! Hope you all get more rain, know how dry it is.
For having a drought I think your cutting garden is looking pretty good.

Diana said...

Linda/Patchwork -The deer either don't like it or they haven't found it over there. Though I know they pas through that easement. It may just be big enough that it isn't tender and juicy any more. They did eat a new, 6" coreopsis I brought home from the Seattle fling, but it's really small. Enjoy the cooler weather!

Tina -- thanks. I do love yellow in the garden. I didn't even realize it until I counted my yellow plants last year!

Rohrerbot -- I had a mass of gigantica one year and was floored by how pretty it was. I'm planning of spreading these seeds liberally.

Janet -- Thanks. The sale was great - though less people than I've ever seen at the members preview sale. They are struggling with $/visitors, etc. So I of course bought my share! I'll have to post about that on Monday. The cutting garden is reachable by the hose in the greenhouse so I often just give it a quick extra squirt in between water system rationing days. Have a great weekend.

LindaCTG said...

That is gorgeous! I am getting some!