Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can I watch my artichoke bloom in the garden and eat it, too?

Ok. I know the answer to that.

Eat it or watch it bloom? That is the question.

First artichoke of the year and the answer was simple. Watch it bloom.

I've done it before, and loved looking at their amazing flowers.

But as I rounded the corner in the vegetable garden today, it literally took my breath away.

The color, the fuzz, the exotic quality, the intricate petals.

So this was the first test for my new DSLR camera - a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. My number one priority was a lightweight DSLR I can take with me on garden tours and to the annual Garden Bloggers Fling. I have a point and shoot, and my DH has a very high-end professional Nikon that's heavy and I won't travel with, but this is really what I need.

Looks like it takes pretty good photos, too. (Though you can't really tell on Blogger because their photo quality is so low, you'll have to click on the photo to get a good look.)

But then the artichoke bloom was a brilliant subject!


Kristina said...

How beautiful is that. Beautiful.

Happy Gardening,
-Kristina K.

Urban Farm Wife

Diana said...

Kristina - Thanks - I sure thought so!

Linda/patchwork said...

Looks like the camera is going to work.
Love the artichoke bloom. Looks like is should be a Sesame Street character.

getgrounded said...

oh, I've got to get one of those plants next year, that is stunning. Do the blooms last a long time since it sits atop the vegetable? And I clicked to enlarge that photo and look at it - great sharpness in the details! Sounds like you found the perfect camera; can't wait to see it.

kacky said...

Beautiful!!!! And glad you got a camera you like. I have the Canon Rebel and I absolutely love it. I am not sure about all the other letters/numbers on it but I love the way it takes pictures. Congrats on the artichoke and the camera decision!!!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I have a Canon Rebel XTi, and I'm just now switching to manual mode which has been a real life saver. I wish I'd sat down and properly read that manual from cover to cover.

It's not blogger that's the problem - it's the resizing on browsers. I generally resize my pictures to 500-800px on the long side for that reason. Plus it's added insurance against image theft.

I'm just now growing my first artichokes. I must have done it wrong cos they're tiny still, so I'll have to wait till next year to ponder that question. The blooms really are gorgeous, but I love me some hearts in a salad.

Lancashire rose said...

Far too pretty to eat. LEt me ask you. When did you plant because I planted one in the fall and lost it in the freeze. It was to be the center showpiece of one of my veggy beds. Maybe next year.

LKW said...

A lovely photo, and certainly nicer to enjoy the flower for now!

I resize all of my photos, too (like notsoangryredhead)using Lightroom (which has many other useful features, too). They look better on the web that way, and can only be downloaded at web size (not that my photos are all so wonderful, though!) I need to be more patient taking them...

Enjoy your new camera!

Diana said...

Linda-Ha - I didn't think of Sesame street when I saw it, but I think I can see that now!

GetGrounded - The bloom lasts for a week or so. This bloom is still on there (because I haven't cut it off) but it's aged and dying, though still interesting.

Kacky - Thanks. I hoping to play with the camera some more today and actually READ the book!

NotSoAngryRedHead - thanks for pushing me to read the book. I know that makes a huge difference and I am committed to doing it. Others have told me that it's a browser problem, too, so I'm debating my sizing/photo program options. Thanks for the info!

Lancashire Rose - I planted it in January when the bare root things were for sale. Got it at N.G. - We did have freezes after it was in, but my veggie garden is very protected on 3 sides & against the house. That could make a difference for sure.

LKW - Thanks. And Thanks for the Lightroom tip - I'm looking at simple options. Since I work with a Mac I have iPhoto, which I love, and it has a full size option, but it doesn't get to blogger full sized.

Gail said...

it's beautiful~I've never seen them growing! gail

LindaCTG said...

I keep saying I'm going to plant an artichoke. Maybe I will now! Good job with the new camera. Yep, it does help to read instructions but seems like you have got the hang of it!