Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby wren developing wings and feathers...

Those little wings are so much more developed in just two days. If you look back to Monday's post, you can see how much he's grown.

I keep calling it a him -- of course I have no idea if it's a male or female Carolina Wren!

Tomorrow morning will be my last chance to check on him for a while. We're heading to Spain tomorrow, so I'll have to get photos emailed to me from family staying at home. He may have fledged before we get back, but I hope not.


ConsciousGardener said...

Ohhh! How wonderful! We've got baby ladderback woodpeckers right now! I can't climb the Sycamore to get a picture, but we've been watching mama feed them through the hole in the tree! xoxoxoSpring!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Our baby robins have left their nest already. So much fun watching those little eggs hatch and watching the baby birds grow.

Enjoy your time in Spain!


getgrounded said...

Wow! I'm wondering if any of those other eggs might hatch while you are gone? Does the mom still sit on them with that baby in the nest? What a story this nest has had, and a good note to leave you with.

Jayne said...

Wow he's really grown. Precious little darling :-)

Bob said...

I almost hate to bring this up. From the size of him and the other unhatched eggs, it's dark coloration, and you living out side of town, I would think it might be a cow bird chick.

Lancashire rose said...

having been away for so long I am just getting bak to blogging and saw the post about the nest. I went back to look and found the story really interesting. While we were gone we a wren got into our potting shed. She must have gone under the door. There was poop all over the place. Clearly more than one. I hunted and found the nest and buried in the bottom were 2 unhatched eggs. There was stuff over them so she must have either laid on top or they just became buried when the others hatched. What is wrong with my bird houses? Welcome home.

Diana said...

Conscious Gardener - Isn't it fun to watch the mama feeed them.

A joyful chaos-Wish we had robins here - they are so fun to watch.

getgrounded - The other eggs didn't hatch and it was too long for them. But my folks saw the mama try to teach the baby to fly and the next day they were gone. Off into the wild blue yonder.

Jayne - I was so sorry to leave on vacation, but my house sitter sent me one more picture before he fledged.

Bob - Pretty sure he was a wren. He and the mama flew off into the sunset!

Lancashire Rose - I cleaned out the titmouse house where she had her babies a few weeks before the wren made the nest and had her first clutch. I was so excited to be able to watch the birds in an actual birdhouse!