Saturday, April 23, 2011

Irises blooming in the Easter garden

A few weeks ago, I couldn't stop complaining about the lack of blooms on my various irises.

It seemed that everywhere I looked my garden blogging friends were showing off their frilly friends.

And I was having a serious case of bloom envy.

Not to mention the nagging doubts about my gardening ability.

Should I be doing something different?

Did I need to fertilize them?

Did I plant them in the wrong places?

Should they be divided (even those they are all relatively new and small clumps)?

But a few days ago, I was ecstatic to discover several of my irises blooming away.

This pale lavender iris is a passalong from Pam at Digging -- she calls it Shoshona's Iris. I love the beautiful color.

Then the interesting gold and brown iris bloomed the next day.

While it's planted close to my Louisiana Iris 'Professor Neil,' which is a deep maroon with gold, they weren't both blooming at the same time this week.

Maybe I can ask them to do that for me when the next ones bloom!

Happy Easter!


Carol said...

I've got a few miniature irises blooming now in my garden. Love to see them and smell them in the springtime!

Linda/patchwork said...

Iris always smell like spring, to me. I love them, but don't have any.
There are several places here, where they have them outside the fence, and the deer don't seem to bother them.
I think some are my future.
Yours are beautiful.

Annie in Austin said...

The show may be more muted, Diana, but it's a longer performance when the iris take turns blooming!
Many happy iris days to you ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gail said...

Diana, I do love a pretty iris in a garden. I have an iris that looks exactly like Pam's passalong. Is your fragrant? gail

Meems said...

Ooooh, Diana, I love that 'interesting' golden iris with the umber streaks. Spring is kind of like that... blooms poppig out in sweet surprise.

Diana said...

Carol - I've never seen miniature irises, I'll bet they are adorable.

Linda - The deer leave mine alone (so far!) Oops, shouldn't have said that!

Annie - You're right. Then I have something to look forward to every single day!

Gail - I'll have to go stick my nose in it! I didn't smell it when I was out there taking pictures.

Meems -- Never a dull moment in the garden when you forget what you planted and where!

Patricia Tryon said...

'Professor Neil' looks just wonderful. Irises are one thing that grow well here in northern Colorado. In fact, we have several commercial iris growers in the area. I'm going to be on the lookout for one with the good professor's coloration. Thanks for sharing :)

Diana said...

Patricia -- I just love the Professor Neil -- it's so striking and the contrast is wonderful. I hope you can find some - I'm sure you can order them online somewhere. Good luck.

getgrounded said...

Hooray, so glad to see your Irises showing up! That pale lavender one is lovely. Love that gold one, too.