Searching for garden delights...

This is a breath-taking spring display.

I love the combination of lavender and coral. This Crossvine is intertwined with the Wisteria as they meet by the corner of the fence.

Sadly, I don't get to see this view.

I was admiring the Crossvine this week, and bemoaning the fact that the freeze had taken my Wisteria. But wait, isn't that one solitary Wisteria bud I see?

Hmmmm--I see a blur of lavender through the crack in the wooden fence. Hmmmm...something is fishy here.

I trek out of the back yard and into the wild area outside of out fence (which no one can see, by the way).

What did I find? This. This amazing display of color and texture and wild beauty growing with abandon outside of my watchful eyes!
Short view as I got closer.
And what I see from the front corner of the fence if I walk off the property.
This is my view from the house and inside the back fence. It's quite lovely, the Crossvine all by itself. And most of it is high -- at least 20 feet into the nearby oak tree -- which means I don't really readily see it unless I crane my neck up.
I'm glad that at least the Crossvine has decided to stick around and bloom for me.
Even if this is all I can see of the elusive Wisteria!

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