Friday, March 11, 2011

Almost after...

The beds are finished and begging for plants! Can you hear them?

Yesterday, after a trip to It's About Thyme Nursery, I came home with a purple Salvia, Daimianita, Santolina, Jerusalem Sage and some Four Nerve Daisies.
The plants that remain from the previous bed will all move -- some will be relocated in the bed and some will go elsewhere to fill in spots left empty by the hard winter.
Today it's Barton Springs Nursery and maybe the Great Outdoors -- looking for Agaves, Yuccas, Salvias, grasses, Blackfoot Daisies, Silver Ponyfoot, Mexican Oregano -- and more!
Then I will dig up a few volunteers from other beds and add in Wine Cup and Lamb's ears.
This bed on the other side just got an updated and coordinated look with a rock edge.

Is there anything else you think I need to plant that I haven't thought about yet?!


Caroline said...

I'm so excited for you! Come do my house next! :)

Diana said...

Caroline - It is pretty fun -- more exciting than filling in holes in old beds!

getgrounded said...

Doesn't that bed on the opposite side of the new bed - the one you updated - get morning sun only? If so, you should put in an Oakleaf Hydrangea (unless deer would eat it to the ground). I'll add Gopher plant to your list, too. And Rose of Sharon. And some artemesia.

Pam/Digging said...

Fantabulous! I love all that rock and the generous proportions of your new bed. It's just what your enormous lot needed!

I like all your plant choices. The only thing I might add is a vertical accent or two: maybe a trio of 'Sapphire Skies' yuccas with trunks (too expensive?), or an airy xeric tree like native mimosa or desert willow?

Patchwork said...

Looks great.

Will Pony Foot hold up with deer? I've been wanting some out front, but afraid the deer will clean it out.

The deer here, eat everything...or pull it up until it dies.

RBell said...

Looking real good; will be watching future postings re: its progression & growth.

Diana said...

Get grounded - Yes - I have to plant assuming the deer will eat everything! Artemesia is in the ground - it will look great there.

Pam - I have left room for two tall plants or trees. The Butterfly bush will be quite tall, but isn't ever green. I'm thinking of Mt. Laurel, Dessert Willow or a few others. These I will have to cogitate on for a bit while I look at it with the little plants in it!

Patchwork -- I've had ponyfoot before in the deer area and it seemed ok ... I guess only time will tell. At least i know everything is fair game!

RBell -- I'm hoping to get some good light in the morning and get some pics. It's about 2/3 planted and I'm happy with it so far...keeping my fingers crossed!

Jayne said...

That one bed is about the size of my yard,lol! I love the way the stone edging pulls it all together. You've done a great job with it.