The grass is always greener ... in the spring!

Well, this sure isn't grass, but it is very green for the Foliage Follow-Up day, when Pam, of Digging, entices gardeners around the globe to share what's green and growing in their gardens.

My greenery is actually in the greenhouse - safe from several long and hard freezes we've suffered this winter.

The unusually cold temperatures have turned many of my favorites outside into mush or kindling.

I almost missed the lovely bloom on this little succulent, shoulder to shoulder with other heat-loving plants in the greenhouse like the geranium that's cozying up next to it.

The geranium is a passalong from Robin, of Getting Grounded. But I can't remember the name of my succulent though. It grows from little corms and spreads like crazy. Any ideas on what it might be? -- My friend Ronnie tells me he thinks it's a Silver Squill, and that's exactly it! How nice to know. Aren't garden bloggers wonderful sources of shared information. Now I can sleep at night knowing my mystery is solved!

It reminds me that the new growth of spring really is right around the corner.

And it's nice to have a little peek at it ahead of time, isn't it?

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