Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The grass is always greener ... in the spring!

Well, this sure isn't grass, but it is very green for the Foliage Follow-Up day, when Pam, of Digging, entices gardeners around the globe to share what's green and growing in their gardens.

My greenery is actually in the greenhouse - safe from several long and hard freezes we've suffered this winter.

The unusually cold temperatures have turned many of my favorites outside into mush or kindling.

I almost missed the lovely bloom on this little succulent, shoulder to shoulder with other heat-loving plants in the greenhouse like the geranium that's cozying up next to it.

The geranium is a passalong from Robin, of Getting Grounded. But I can't remember the name of my succulent though. It grows from little corms and spreads like crazy. Any ideas on what it might be? -- My friend Ronnie tells me he thinks it's a Silver Squill, and that's exactly it! How nice to know. Aren't garden bloggers wonderful sources of shared information. Now I can sleep at night knowing my mystery is solved!

It reminds me that the new growth of spring really is right around the corner.

And it's nice to have a little peek at it ahead of time, isn't it?


Pam/Digging said...

Your greenhouse plants must be breathing a big sigh of relief and thanking you for their warm winter digs. My daughter planted that succulent last summer, but I can't remember what it's called. It died in the freezes. Oh well -- it'll be fun to pick out new ones when spring comes.

RBell said...

I'm thinking it may be Silver Squill (Ledebouria socialis); I was able to actually get a couple of seeds from mine to germinate (they're up to about a quarter in size).

Diana said...

Pam -- They do like their warm winter wonderland. I hope they know how good they have it!

RBell - Why thank you so much! That's exactly it. I will have to write it down somewhere and try to remember it.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'm glad I made it to this post, because I have that plant, too, and posted its bloom for GBBD saying I didn't know if I've ever known the name of it or not. I better write it down,too. OK, I just did.

I am so ready for spring!

fer said...

Very beautiful foliage, they look great. Hope you get some spring to your garden soon

Diana said...

Corner Gardener Sue - So glad you were able to ID your plant, too. I'm going to write mine down, too, because I know I'll forget it when it blooms again!

fer - Thanks. It was 80 here yesterday, which is really more like summer than spring. But I'll take it!

Roberta said...

What a sweet blog. So glad to have stumbled upon it. I always like to see garden photos and you've posted such wonderful ones. Keep up the good work!

Diana said...

Roberta - Thanks - glad you stumbled on my blog. Always nice to have new visitors come by. It's the busy time around here - started a big new project this week - hope you'll come back soon.