Monday, February 28, 2011

A few little garden early birds...

Most of my garden is awash in a sea of browns, grays and deads. Everywhere you look, there are dried limbs, waiting, desperately waiting to be pruned.
But thank goodness for my passion for early spring bloomers. They never fail me. There are daffodils scattered all about ... Yellow Fortune, Tete a tete, Dutch Master, Double Campernelle, Jonquil Simplex. These are Dutch Masters above, also known as King Alfred.
And here we have one of the newer Hellebores. I believe that this one is Phoenix, but I'm not sure because the two about to bloom are not tagged, I didn't keep the receipt, and I didn't blog their names or record their names in my master notebook.

I hate it when I do that! I do have two that have tags, but they are sad and pathetic and not blog-worthy! That's how it goes, isn't it?!
This is the Double Campernelle Daffodil. See how fluffy and full it is?
And right behind it I have this lovely Japanese Quince that blooms and heralds the spring every year.
Not sure which one this is. I keep meaning to take photos of them all and try to pin point which is which, but that's low on the list of garden-to-dos!
This one I can ID - it's the Tete-a-tete. They are tiny little Daffs with a nice upright shape and lovely, neat little blooms.
Unknown variety hyacinths from a grocery store bulb planter I was showing off inside the house two years ago -- see it here.

So, while I'm waiting to prune, purge and plant in the garden, I can always count on these pretty early birds to perk me up.

Who's perking you up in your garden? Any signs of spring yet?


Tina Poe said...

Your Double Campernelle Daffodil is incredible, I love the angular layers!

Layanee said...

Nothing, nothing, nothing blooming here yet but bits of green poking out of the snow give me hope. I will be ready for yellow when it finally shows its face.

Lancashire rose said...

It seems we have the same problem, losing the names of plants, but at least you know some of them. Love the Campernelle Daff. Must look out for that one. Pretty little hellebore.

Diana said...

Tina - Thanks - I do love that Double Daff, too - it's smaller than some, so the double bloom makes it stand out.

Layanee - Hey - bits of green - that's something. I'm sure when spring arrives there it will be stunning!

Lancashire Rose - Still wondering about the Hellebore names - searched some more, but to no avail. That'll teach me.

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