Sunshine sprouting in my garden...

The days may be gray outside right now, but the promise of spring is sprouting in my garden. Many different bulbs are peeking up out of the earth.

Most of my bulbs are daffodils. I love that bright yellow against the backdrop of winter. And since there are deer roaming here, this is one of the bulbs that they generally leave alone.
This is a fragrant yellow Muscari, Muscari macro 'Golden Fragrance.' While I strayed from my daffodils on this planting, I did choose a unusual yellow muscari to keep with the color theme.
Welcoming seasonal surprises is part of the fun of gardening for me. (Sometimes it's part of the frustration as well!) I don't remember what I planted here. Though I wrote down all the bulbs I planted in this whole bed last year, I don't remember what went in this specific spot.
I do know that these are passalong irises from one of my many garden blogging friends.
These are my new favorite daffodils -- they are teeny-tiny and the blooms are just precious. They are Daffodil Jonquilla 'Simplex.' I wrote about them last spring in this post.

So while I am bundled up inside reading seed catalogs and planning the vegetable garden, my bulbs are outside, getting ready to shower the spring garden with a little sunshine.

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