Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Growing goodies in the garden...

Though it's winter outside, there are still wonderful vegetables growing in the garden.

Planted in early fall, these edibles love the chill of winter.

I know my gardening friends are already harvesting and have pulled up some lovely carrots. Mine were planted a little later, but I'm eager to check one of the larger ones.

My 8-year old is a veritable bunny, and would readily crunch on raw carrots at every meal. She will have a blast when we harvest these.

Don't you just love the little vegetable marker? It's an antique spoon with a hand-drawn label.

This Dwarf Satsuma Orange is in the greenhouse -- it would not have liked our few light freezes. The warm humidity of the greenhouse provided great conditions to help it ripen. It's the first year for the orange (with me) and it produced 3 oranges. We've eat two of them and they were sweet and juicy and had very few seeds. I can't wait to eat the third one! Doesn't it look tasty?
Growing happily, I can't wait to eat the cauliflower with a creamy bechamel sauce, just like my mother made it and my German Oma before her.
The red cabbage adds a burst of color to the winter vegetable garden and brightens it up. Naturally, I'll make German red cabbage with it.
I've already harvested some small broccoli florets, but there are just a few still hanging on. Next year, I will plant many more of them.

Also growing in the garden right now, I have artichokes, Swiss Chard, parsley, sage, cilantro, and strawberries.

Now it's time to start seeds in the greenhouse. I know I will be ordering a variety of tomato seeds to try, but there is a world of other vegetables that work well started as seeds before the last frost in a warm indoor environment.

I can't wait for the spring garden. But I have to eat the winter vegetables first!

Are you eating vegetables from your winter garden?


Cyndy said...

Diana, sounds like you're getting a lot of use out of your greenhouse -those oranges are just delicious looking. Love the spoon marker!

Diana said...

I am enjoying the greenhouse. These are my first oranges and I have to say I'm really pleased with them. And I love the variegated leaves on the tree.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

There is nothing like German red cabbage except maybe German hot potato salad.

Yum, just thinking about it.

You must know I'm envious of your greenhouse.~~Dee

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Do fresh rosemary, oregano, and thyme in the garden window count?

The variegation on your orange leaves is pretty. I didn't know they had some like that.

Oh, and thanks for letting me know the blue bonnets are lupines. No wonder I like them so well.

Diana said...

Dee - Yes, German potato salad, though my family over there eats it cold, but with vinegar and oil and a little slivered onion and nice, firm potato pieces, not mush. I do love my greenhouse. It would just be so tough to have plants live here for 10 months and then let them go for the few freezes we normally have. And I am such a pot addict ... plant pots, plant pots! OMG - think I will get spam from that? Hope not!

Corner Gardener Sue - Hey - EVERYTHING counts if you ask me! Growing is growing. Interesting that you commented on the variegated orange leaves -- they were what drew me to the plant & made me buy it!