Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gardener goodies...

Holidays are always fun when you're a gardener. There is a never-ending supply of wonderful gifts for gardeners. From gloves to ceramic pots to garden art -- even non-gardeners can find something fun to give.

And I believe you can never have too many bird feeders, houses, or baths. (More on that in my next post.)

So it's always interesting to see what's behind the gift wrap.

I love this little seat - it's so portable and comfortable to sit on, and being able to tuck my hand tools in it is wonderful.
This is the most unusual gift I have ever received. My dear friend, Kristen, gave me this little package. In it? Rose seeds that are registered with a number, and waiting for ME to grow and name the rose. How cool is that?

I'm waiting anxiously to plant my seeds. I think they will get their start in the greenhouse, which is perfect for seeds this time of the year.

Naming my rose, will be another matter altogether. No pressure there! Any ideas or suggestions for names? There hundreds if not thousands of roses out there. The process will certainly have to include making sure the name I choose isn't already taken.
This adorable birdhouse is just waiting for a new family to move in. I wonder who will find it appealing? Cardinals, wrens, titmice, finches? We'll keep watch for our new neighbors!


Jan@Thanks for today. said...

I LOVE your new blog look. What a nice friend you have in Kristen. If there is a Rose already with that name, maybe you can combine it with yours? (I know there is a Diana)! Or, perhaps initials? Or even a special phrase that reminds you of her, or the special reason for the gift?! Very cute birdhouse too. Was that another gift? You are making me want to go shopping!!!

Janet said...

wow Diana, to name your own rose! What fun. I am doing a family garden-- Charlie's White Peony, Janet Rose, Clematis Rebecca, Rachel Peony---- so perhaps you could do a family name for this rose and start your own family garden.

Diana said...

Jan - I love your idea of incorporating Kristen's name into my rose name. That's a great idea. These were all gifts for Christmas - the seat from my DH, the birdhouse from my Mom and Dad.

Janet -- Your family garden is such a wonderful idea. I would love to do that. Guess that will require some research!

Patchwork said...

Garden gifts are always wonderful. Naming your own rose...that is wonderful, too.

I got a nesting basket for Christmas, from my granddaughters. I'm afraid to put it out....afraid the squirrels will tear it up. Guess I'll bite the bullet soon, and see how it goes.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I hope your rose is a good one. That gift would be a bad one for me, as I stink at seeds. The gifts are great for any gardener.

kriscard said...

Your garden-blog friends are so very kind -- which isn't surprising, knowing [& loving] you the way I do! I'm so, so thrilled you like your rose-naming gift enough to give it a blog holla! . . . & while of course it's completely up to you, I'm hoping you name it something you-related . . . a variation of your name or your children's names, or words that speak to your biggest dreams, your greatest strengths, your fondest memories . . . but that's just my two woowoo cents! I <3 you, my dear friend!

Diana said...

Patchwork--Those squirrels can be destructive for sure. I got a fancy gingerbread woodwork bird feeder one year and they broke it in such as way that it couldn't be used or fixed because it was no longer balanced. Not sure I've forgiven them yet!

MMD - I did well for the first time on my seeds last year. Used heat mats and they made a huge difference so I have my fingers crossed they will grow for me and I will take very good care of these, for sure! No neglecting them!

Kristen - Garden bloggers are the best! And I'm in awe of your wonderful gift. I can't wait to plant those seeds -- I think I will start on my seeds next week. I am so ready!

Lancashire rose said...

How exciting, to grow a rose from seed and to have a surprise when it finally blooms. I wonder how long that takes? Get your thinking cap on.