Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall bloomers and a few surprises...

As temperatures drop and it begins to look a little like fall here in Central Texas, new things are blooming in the garden.

There are the traditional plants, like these beautiful mums.

They disappear during the scorching hot summer, but puff up and explode with flowers when it starts to get chilly outside.

And there are the Mexican Mint Marigolds with their beautiful yellow blooms and the Fall Asters that I wrote about two posts ago, all reliable fall bloomers.
There was beautiful light when I went out with the camera this morning.
The oak in the front yard was aglow like a flaming tree with its golden leaves in the rising sunlight. We have so little fall color here because it's just not cold enough, so we really appreciate it when we see it!
But I was surprised to find these Shasta Daisies in the cutting garden -- blooming for the second time this year.
And the roses are loving this cool weather -- especially my Katy Road or Carefree Beauty rose.
Another sign of fall -- dead things! I'd better get out there and remove all these seeds from this dead morning glory vine or I won't have any cutting flowers at all in the spring as they will be choked out by vine-y groundcover!
And these precious little Marigolds came from seeds and volunteers in the vegetable garden, where I plant them to keep bad bugs off the tomatoes. I simply moved them to the cutting garden where they are very happy.

Any fall surprises in your garden today?


Janet said...

Great fall photos Diana. I have heard that Shastas are low on the deer's list of faved thinking about putting some in.

Jayne said...

Great photos Diana. Isn't this fall weather wonderful? My garden surprise this weekend was a passalong hydrangea in a container has suddenly put out lots of buds! It seems like totally the wrong time to me, and I'll have to watch out over the winter and make sure they don't get frost bitten, but I'm happy to see them.

Diana said...

Janet - I didn't know that about the deer - I'll have to try them out in the front. These are in the back behind a fence!

Jayne - Wow - a hydrangea -- that's pretty impressive. I can imagine you'll have to baby them!

Gail said...

Surprises~Yes, that the cupheas can withstand some frost and that the warmth has returned without mosquitoes and with it my best good mood! I love when oaks light up in fall! gail

Diana said...

Gail - I had no idea Cupheas were hardy like that.I'll have to watch mine. Sadly, our mosquitos are only taking periodic breaks - spikes during daytime temps mean they aren't gone yet. Got 2 bites today picking up the girl from a backyard birthday party. And I wasn't even gardening - doesn't seem fair!

fer said...

Beautiful photos!