One of these plants is not like the others...

When I build a new bed and take the time to plan it out and do a real garden design (that means measure, plan, research and shop all at once), it usually works out nicely.

But, do I do that much? In a word, No.

I fall in love with something at a nursery, or in the glossy pages of a garden porn catalog, and I buy. Then I plop. Plop plants wherever there is room and the conditions are right.

We all do it, right? But then it comes back to haunt us.

Or, sometimes, invasive plants behave badly and stretch their limbs and vines to end up far away from where they once started!

Looking around the garden as fall arrives, I can't help but think, many of these things are not like the others! It's sometimes hard to see in the photos, because both plants aren't always in focus, but look carefully and you'll see reds and pinks, oranges and lavenders, you name it. And I'm all for color and bright combinations, just not hideous ones!

But I'm not a mover. (Maybe a shaker!) But definitely not a mover by nature. Several of my garden blogging friends are always moving things around, trying to find the perfect spot, sun, soil for a particular plant.

Not me.

But I'm done with that. This fall the change of season also marks a change in my gardening habits. I'm going to fix all of the mis-matches in my garden. Or at least those that I reasonably CAN fix.

Because I have 2 Pairie Sun Rudbeckia, and 2 unidentified red plants and as I look at them sitting on the edge of my driveway, I realize -- I haven't planted them because I don't have a red and yellow bed. Well, I have a yellow bed and tried to have red with it, but the deer didn't like the color combination and ate all my Standing Cypress this summer!

So, with new resolve, I'm attacking my garden in an attempt to impose a Sesame Street style order to the most unruly of my plants.

What about you? Any mis-matches in your garden?

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