Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a happy garden looks like...

My garden is pretty darn happy these days.

A little rain, a little break from the heat and the promise of a fall break has most plants beaming.

Plants that had almost disappeared have made a remarkable recovery and reappearance. And, those without blooms are now showing off.

It's amazing what a little moisture can do for the garden!

I hadn't seen this Bat-faced Cuphea in a while, (the deer munched it to the nubs earlier in the summer) but now it's bursting with color, even giving the unflappable Lantana a run for its money!

This Pitcher Sage that I bought at last year's Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center plant sale has finally come into its own and is blooming profusely in this pretty, dusty cornflower blue.
The Senorita Rosalita Cleome that Pam of Digging trialed last year sounded perfect for our hot, dry summers. All this rain has made mine very leggy. But, in spite of that, she's still putting out delicate blooms.
This Pale Pavonia passalong, shared with me by Robin of Getting Grounded, is finally blooming after several months of adjusting to the transplant.
And, not so pretty, but very active thanks to the rains, our resident fire ants. This mound rises 3-4 inches high at the base of my Bi-color Iris.
And their monstrous mound has all but obliterated this little decorative rock that reads, Peace. (Well I can tell you that I didn't leave them in peace, I sprinkled a nice little dose of ant bait all around their pretty little hill!)

How does your garden grow these days?


Pam/Digging said...

Ooh, that's one nasty fire ant mound. Glad you showed 'em who's boss!

Your bat-face cuphea looks wonderful, as do your other fall-happy plants. My garden is feeling friskier too.

LindaCTG said...

Oh, I've got to plant batface again next year. I planted a perennial salvia in its place this year, but I miss it. And I'll add the pitcher sage to my list; I love that soft blue. I'm battling fire ants, too. Got deterred this weekend in the proposed lettuce garden. I haven't had fire ants like this in years!

Diana said...

Pam - I really, really hate fire ants. And sadly, they really, really like me!

LindaCTG - You really do have to have a batface -- they just make you smile! Fire ants in the veggies are no fun.

Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm glad you and the other Austin gardeners have enjoyed some rain. We are painfully dry out here on my corner of Katy! At least the temperatures are finally blissful!

Diana said...

Cindy - So sorry you have been rain-less for so long. We do have some crisp mornings and nights now, at least that's a relief. Hope you get some of the wet stuff soon.