Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seeds are stronger than you think!

As we felt the wrath of tropical storm Hermine last week, I was most worried about all the tiny little seeds I'd so carefully planted just a few short days before.

I had visions of them floating away down the road to the neighboring town of Buda.

Then I had visions of them simply drowning in the mud-filled beds.

And finally, I had visions of them surviving, but scattering and intermingling so that I would never know what was what.

Guess what? They liked the rain. So much so that some of them popped their little heads up in just 4 days!

These are bush beans with their pretty little copper marker made with my nifty spiffy label maker. (Do you have one? I love mine!)
And these tiny little guys are going to grow up to be Brussels sprouts.
While some of the plants are a little water-logged, many of my plants have emerged rejuvenated after the storm. This ice plant is bright and cheery.
This heavenly hibiscus loved the deep, long drink.
The Hyacinth bean vine blooms burst forth after the heavy rains.
These plants aren't in the direct path of the rain (although we had lots of sideways rain), they loved the humidity of the storm.


Caroline said...

Hooray for seeds! Everything looks great (I miss my apricot hibiscus) but that hyacinth bean vine is simply breathtaking. Such gorgeous colors.

Diana said...

Caroline -- Thanks. I'm so happy that the seeds survived. I only have a few really yellowed plants that got too wet for too long. Lucky.

Patchwork said...

Glad your seeds made it. I wish I'd gotten my fall veggie seeds in. I'm way behind on that.

That's nothing new with me, by the way.

The hyacinth bean has been doing well. Lots of seeds, for next year.

Lancashire rose said...

Don't know how you get any gardening done with such a delightful place to sit.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Everything is grateful here too including me. I love that first picture of your beans. It made me hungry. :)

Jayne said...

Yay for the seeds! I've had beds float away after a Houston downpour so I know how worried you were. I love that hyacinth bean vine. Beautiful!

Diana said...

Patchwork - Some of the seeds didn't make it, so if the rain would stop, I'd try to get some more in the ground before it's too late.

Lancashire Rose - I do like to sit there, but seldom do it...warm mornings and early evenings draw me once in a while.

Dee - The beans are doing the very best of all. Broccoli seeds are spindly, but alive. I see a few carrots, but I clearly have a lot of replanting to do. Now I wish the rain would hold off a bit so the muck can dry out and I can plant! Be careful what you wish for, huh?! Guess I will plant in the rain.

Jayne - Still have to replant some. Wish I'd palnted more than 1 or 2 beans. I have a friend who planted a whole handful and she has an amazing and lush vine. I'm trying that next year!