Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The promise of things to come in the garden...

As gardeners, we think of the spring as a time of renewal.

Plants awaken from their long winter's nap and begin the process of growing again.

But fall is also a time of renewal.

Here in Texas, our hot summer perennials are refreshed by ever-so-slightly cooler temperatures and a little bit of rain. Many of them begin a new bloom cycle until the first frost appears.

Fall bloomers, like fall Asters and Oxblood lilies also thrive.

And, our most precious Bluebonnets, the state flower and our February/March pride and joy, begin to grow delicate green foliage.

My Night-blooming Cereus is also experiencing a revival. This bud showed up 3 days ago and I've been checking it each night to see if I can capture it's beautiful flower. The last time it bloomed in the spring, I actually missed 3 blooms at once because I forgot to check it one night. (There is little more disappointing as a gardener than missing such an infrequent bloom, only to find a limp little goose-neck looking spent bloom drooping down.)
These variegated dwarf Satusuma oranges are growing rounder and rounder and turning a little more orange than yellow. I can't wait to taste them! (But it will still be a few months before our traditional citrus harvest here in Central Texas.)
And more Lycoris Radiata buds are forming in my flower beds. Some are hidden by other plants, and I have to push foliage aside to get a sneak peek at many of them.
I can only get a partial shot of this one, but isn't she pretty?

There are many more promises of things to come in the garden. What are you looking forward to in your garden?


scottweberpdx said...

Ahhh...I adore the Blue Bonnets! That Cereus looks like something from another planet!

Amy said...

Pretty things going on in your garden! Your photos are beautiful.
I will have to look for my bluebonnets. They might be hiding under another plant. Happy fall gardening..isn't it nice. :)

Pam/Digging said...

I haven't spotted any bluebonnets yet but will look. Just got my first spider lily today and will have pics tomorrow.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Diana, I am already seeing the cool down in my garden,and it is very beautiful. If I had to name one thing, it would be the grasses. Watching them come into their fullness is inspiring to me. Happy Fall.~~Dee

Diana said...

Scott - It's so strange that the bluebonnets are already growing! The cereus bloomed last night - just posted the photos of it mostly open.

Amy - Thanks..I'll bet you have some bluebonnets hiding in your fabulous garden!

Pam - Loved your lycoris pics - they're really beautiful and exotic, too.

Dee - The cooler weather is so welcome. And it is a wonderful time for grasses - my Ruby Crystals is just beautiful. Now I have to have more!