Snow in August?

Sitting here after a sweltering August day in Texas, I was trying to muster some creativity for a blog post.

I've been remiss in keeping up -- I could blame it on the heat, less activity in the garden, summer, school starting -- you name it.

But I decided with a few hours tonight, I'd try to catch up on reading and try to post.

Brain-dead. Maybe it was sunstroke. Or simply a lack or recent photos.

So I started scanning my iphoto files. So fun - to relive the exciting and beautiful moments of the past year. Including these wonderful winter wonderland shots of last winter's big snow. I was immediately transported to that icy day when we all played in snow and marveled at how it transformed our world -- and my garden.

They brought a smile to my face, and took a little of the hot edge off!

Wouldn't mind a little of this right now, would you?

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