Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snow in August?

Sitting here after a sweltering August day in Texas, I was trying to muster some creativity for a blog post.

I've been remiss in keeping up -- I could blame it on the heat, less activity in the garden, summer, school starting -- you name it.

But I decided with a few hours tonight, I'd try to catch up on reading and try to post.

Brain-dead. Maybe it was sunstroke. Or simply a lack or recent photos.

So I started scanning my iphoto files. So fun - to relive the exciting and beautiful moments of the past year. Including these wonderful winter wonderland shots of last winter's big snow. I was immediately transported to that icy day when we all played in snow and marveled at how it transformed our world -- and my garden.

They brought a smile to my face, and took a little of the hot edge off!

Wouldn't mind a little of this right now, would you?


Jean said...

Ah, you bet. I'd take a nice little snow storm about now! :-)

Diana said...

Jean -- Me, too! Wishful and long-term thinking!

Ginny said...

I feel cooler already, looking at your pictuers! I love going through my iPhoto files, too. I've been working on two photo projects lately - putting together pictures for a history of my garden and putting together a pictorial inventory of what's growing in my garden. It's fun to look at how things have changed - sometimes sad, too.

Patchwork said...

Thanks. We needed that.

Diana said...

Patchwork - Especially this week with the humidity. Ugh. I've been out working since 10 and I'm miserable. Gotta stop now and have some water and cool off!

RBell said...

Certainly wouldn't mind seeing the melted version of it falling from the sky!

Diana said...

RBell - You are absolutely right - I would LOVE some of the liquid form right now!