Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to cool off in the heat wave...

The Texas heat has followed us to Indiana. The big heat wave of the Midwest has seen uncharacteristic heat indices of 105-110.

While we're avoiding actual temps of 100 in Austin, it feels that hot or more here. But after we leave, the heat wave is expected to break and temperatures here will be in the upper 80s.

Sadly, we'll be gone by then.

Everything is looking for a way to cool off. Yesterday we watched as hundreds of beautiful butterflies found their way to the creek to get a drink. I wish I knew what kind of butterflies these were - they were all over the white and red clover in the pasture.
These swallowtails loved wallowing in the mud.
And Ed the dog went to lie down in the creek, lapping up a nice drink of water while he cooled off.
He's in the creek about 3-4 times a day - smart enough to know when to cool down in the heat. He showed up at the farm after a long journey last May when we were here. He was lost or abandoned. I believe he was sent as a gift -- at a time when the love and companionship of a wonderful dog was the answer to a prayer.


Jean said...

Love those photos, especially of Ed. Sorry you're having to experience heat up north!

getgrounded said...

He's cute! reminds me of my childhood when I was always swimming the stock tank, a lake, a stream, anything I could. Sorry you've had heat on all your travels this year!

scottweberpdx said...

How cute...I love seeing butterflies gathered around little puddles, so enchanting

Diana said...

Jean - And the heat went with us to Beffalo, too. I must be jinxed this summer!

getgrounded - Just got back from taking Kallie and Ed down to the creek where we walked around and cooled off. So fun.

Scottweberpdx - The butterflies are so cool - and it's amazing they can drink from just wet mud - not even a puddle - cuz they are so tiny.

rohrerbot said...

I am always fascinated by butterflies and how they drink from mud. There is something in that mix and I forget what it is, but I love how they all fly around's beautiful. Oh the heat.....soon it will be gone:)

Caroline said...

Your butterflies look like sulphurs of some sort. Your photo makes me want to put a pile of pebbles down in my yard and keep it wet year around!