Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blooming in spite of August...

Maggie Roses keep each other company.

It's hot. Dang hot.

But they're still going and so am I!

This is a cooler summer than the last two summers have been. We've enjoyed lower temperatures and much more rain than we normally have. But not too much rain, like 3 years ago!

So my garden is pretty happy this Bloom Day. Carol, of May Dreams Gardens, invites us to share what's blooming in our gardens on the 15th of every month so we can share and compare and contrast with what's going on all around the world.
Sapphire Showers Duranta leans down to mingle with Sedum Autumn Joy.

So, here are some of my blooms. Some things are not as full of blooms because they're used to the blazing heat and drought.
Love Lies Bleeding
My Amaranth, a passalong from Phillip, of East Side Patch, is 4 feet tall and just sprouted a lovely bloom. I'm hoping for many more blooms trailing over soon!
Grandpa Ott Morning Glory
The Plumeria were stunning last month, but they are coming to the end of their bloom cycle now. This is the last bloom on my three plants.
Cypress Vine
The Cypress Vine looks pretty here. But what you're not seeing here is how it has taken over the vegetable garden and is trying to choke out the tomato plants, the pepper plants, the strawberries ... you get the idea!
Trailing Lantana
The Esperanza is bursting with blooms all around the pool area.

Clematis Jackmanii

I love the look of this Crape Myrtle next to the Ruby Crystals grass flowing in the breeze.
Angel Wing Begonia
I love how this beautiful plant from my good friend looks in the pot by the front door.
Homestead Verbena
This is the verbena that was supposed to be the wonderful deep purple but it turned out to be white.
Senorita Rosalita Cleome
Moy Grande Hibiscus
The fabulous big-as-your-head hibiscus is performing up to it's reputation again this year.
Can you believe that these dianthus all around the walk way up to the front door, planted last November, are still blooming? I've lost a few to the heat, but boy, are they hearty.
Yarrow - Paprika
One of many different colors of Lantana around the gardens.
Sedum Autumn Joy
Blackfoot Daisy
And, last but never least, the ever xeric Blackfoot Daisy. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - what's blooming in your garden today?


Carol said...

An excellent showing for bloom day! A nice assortment. (By the way, I fixed your links... they were not going to your blog, but all is good now).

Diana said...

Oh thanks - DH and I have also been playing Words Between Friends iphone scrabble WHILE I am posting! (and we're watching tv - sick aren't we!) Sorry 'bout that!.

ESP said...

Glad the amaranth is shooting up for you. Gather those seeds and disperse in the fall and you will have a bunch more next year.

Diana said...

ESP - I will collect the seeds - I'm loving the plant with it's structure and color in that big spot in the back.

Jean said...

I just love Blackfoot daisy. I used to grow it close to a wall where it very surprisingly cascaded over. It was so pretty! But I think it would drown in my current garden!

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

It's always so fun to see what's blooming in other zones! You get to grow those wonderful tropicals. Things are looking good in Austin, I see! *hugs*

Diana said...

Jean - And I love how my Blackfoot Daisies are often perennials for a few years. They are perfect for spilling!

Kylee - You're right - I do get to have tropicals and you get to have delicates. Good thing we can look at each other's gardens!

scottweberpdx said...

The flowers all look great! I especially love the Morning Glory, reminds me so much of home...they grew wild in the ditches and cornfields. There was nothing quite as charming as seeing the entire first row of corn covered in luscious purple, pink and white blooms every summer.

Iris said...

Wow! You've got LOTS of pretty blooms. I know you were expecting deep purple verbena, but I think the white is pretty cool, too. I agree: the crape myrtle is just beautiful w/that grass!

Cindy, MCOK said...

Isn't Blackfoot Daisy the best? It positively thrives on heat and drought, both of which have been way too abundant in my garden this month!

Diana said...

Scott - We just saw morning glories growing in side ditches of the cornfields in IN 2 weeks ago. Love it when they grow wild like that.

Iris - I'm just getting used to the Crape being a shrub. Guys helping me prune cut the TREE in 1/2 last fall!!!

Cindy - I do love Blackfoot Daisy and try to use it a lot. I could use more though!

Gail said...

Diana, I love that Homestead Purple is a lovely white~If you went looking for it at any of our local nurseries you'd not find it! You have a delightful show for Bloom Day~gail

Diana said...

Gail - It is a pretty surprise, you're right about that, and I haven't seen it here either. Guess I'll enjoy it now and consider it rare!

dining tables said...

All your flower are so beautiful. Some of your flowers are so unique. I think I this is my first to see some of your flowers.

LindaCTG said...

Wow, Diana, it looks like spring in your garden. You've got a magic touch. I'm seeing many plants to add to my list, including that clematis.