Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zen and the art of umbrella handling

We enjoyed a few dry moments at Buffalo's Delaware Park Japanese Gardens before the sky opened up again.

But I was intrigued by the rain's mirror effect on the lake as we took in the beautiful sights.
Many of the private gardens we toured in Buffalo had an Asian theme, perhaps influenced by the lovely structures in this public garden.
There were many different vignettes throughout the garden, offering structure and contrast to the viewer.
And all the structures in the park were designed to flow seamlessly from nature, appearing to have been there for years.
Not to be outdone by the floral explosions in the home gardens of the city, the Japanese garden also had its share of beautiful blooms to complement the lush foliage and trees.
Garden bloggers strolled and took in all the sights - enjoying the serenity of the setting.

Then we all enjoyed a delicious lunch at the French Bistro Rue Franklin, including Marmee of Things I Love, Gail of Clay and Limestone and Frances of Fairegarden .

Such a fun-filled day, it will require two posts to get it all in...stay tuned for more!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The rain really did add to the atmosphere in the Japanese garden. I never did get the hang of shooting a DSLR while holding an umbrella.

Frances said...

What a beautiful setting that was Diana, you have captured the mood and the zen very well. I loved seeing the Asian themes in other gardens, but to be honest, I thought you were going to post about the bloggers with their multi color parade of umbrellas. We are a picture taking group, rain or shine. As for MMD's comment, that is when you use the point and shoot, my friend! Thanks for taking this lovely shot of us at lunch, and thanks too for the linkage! Wasn't that food terrific? :-)
blogger is not letting me use open ID today. naughty blogger

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

I love your photos, Diana. I love seeing how everyone viewed the same things.

It was so nice to see you again and get to spend some time with you and Pam. It's never enough though and I can't believe I didn't get a picture with you! Are you going to #GWA in Dallas?

Layanee said...

I preferred the rain to the humid heat and your pictures do look charming. Raining here today and rather unexpectedly.

Diana said...

MMD - Yes, now that I'm no longer sopping wet, I can see how the rain added to the ambiance of the setting!

Frances - I do have more umbrella shots, but I was just making a spoof of Zen and motorcycle maintenance! It was a delightful day, in spite of the rain, and yes, I will be making that salad at home very soon!

Kylee - The whole trip was so much fun and the gardens were so lovely that the weather was just a passing nuisance. I don't think I'm going to GWA -- seems too much on my plate right now, though I'd love to see everyone and see what that's all about, too.

Layanee - I prefered the heat! And we got a few storms through here last night and today, too. .65 inches. A welcome drink in the middle of summer.