The garden supervisor

I went out yesterday morning to capture a few shots of water (yes, really, in Austin in July) on the garden.

I didn't realize until I was outside that I had some supervisory assistance!

Dakota sat and watched me until she couldn't see me any more. I'm not sure if she was wishing she could come outside, or if she was just thinking in her little pea-brain, "What in the world is that alpha-dog-woman doing now?"

Don't you sometimes wonder what they're thinking? I was even wondering about the squirrel who stopped in his tracks on the way up the tree when he saw me watching him through the window.

It was lush and green and moist in the garden this weekend after our several inches of welcome rain last week.
The drops on the Caladiums look like puddles on an abstract painting.
And, like most things, the droplets were dwarfed by the huge blooms of the Moy Grande Hibiscus.

And the moisture helped me see this huge spider web that spanned about 5 feet -- from a tall coneflower plant to a neighboring tree. Couldn't see anymore when I got far enough away to get the whole thing in the shot, but clearly the spider had lured in some lunch.

The rains gave everything in the garden a huge boost -- so welcome since I am leaving before the chickens are up on Thursday morning -- heading to Buffalo for Buffa10, our annual garden bloggers meet-up. I'm so excited to visit with friends from across the country and meet new ones, while touring amazing gardens.

Will I see you there?

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