Favorite Flowers From Buffalo

Buffalo was an explosion of garden goodness - beautiful gardens just bursting with wall-to-wall flowers.

I was so in awe of the waves and waves of plants that each gardener turned into a collage of color.
But in many of the gardens, I was struck by one particular plant - one bloom, one leaf, one, singular item whose beauty, form or color just blew me away.
I'm really not going to try to name these, my favorites. But I do remember that this one above is a twist-leaf Dahlia -- yes, a Dahlia. I was shocked, and spent some time with the gardener in Mary's Garden, marvelling at this plant.
The dark and mysterious lilies drew me in the Shadrock garden.
And I couldn't forget the amazing Hydrangeas we saw all over -- made even more interesting to me because they are too elusive for us in Austin, Texas.

I'm all about the exotic forms, too, especially this pretty little thing at Lockwood's Greenhouses Garden Center.
And this spicy number really caught my eye at the Erie Basin Marina University Test Gardens.
Loving Tropicals like I do, I was smitten with this orchid at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.
Many of the gardens were dotted with colorful Crocosmia, another of my all-time favorites.
Love the purple foliage on this little orange piece of sunshine at the Urban Roots nursery.
And you've seen these before in a previous Buffa10 post, but they are so darn perky I had to give them a second time down the runway!

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