Friday, June 11, 2010

Too much of a good thing!

This week we were blessed with three quenching inches of rain. It came with a vengeance, bringing with it clashes of thunder and bolts of lightning too intense to ignore, even at 3 a.m.

Living in perpetual drought (Okay- I exaggerate just a smidge, but not much!), we welcomed the storm and the resulting drink. But today, I saw the flip side of all that rain at once. Just like our tomato skins will split with too much surprise moisture, my first crop of plums burst at the seams from the rain.

Let me tell you, though -- it was like nectar of the Gods when I ate the rest of it! It's a little small and a little too tart yet, but I LOVE that I have plums. I thought this was an ornamental tree until Dakota (the dog) ate her first fallen plums a few weeks ago.

Then I had to cut back the monstrous overgrowth of Wine Cups that have obliterated the rock pathway and begun taking over the lawn. All that rain just fed the monster!
So, THEN, I had to go through the beds and get some cutting flowers for make a lovely posey for the kitchen.
That makes me happy. Who said you can have too much of a good thing?


getgrounded said...

Diana, I have to laugh. Growing up, we had plum trees out the wazoo. My mother made plum jelly every year and there was always so much of it, she refused to buy any "store bought" jelly. I hated plum jelly! I grew thinking that jelly was a lousy thing and I was in high school before I knew what other jelly tasted like. So plums are not on my fave list! Glad you are enjoying them though, and I am loving that pic of the vase of flowers from your cutting bed.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Tree ripened plums - I'm so jealous! I didn't know that too much moisture suddenly could do that to them.

deb said...

I just make the split plums into jam. Nobody knows the difference.

Carol said...

That's a very pretty bouquet. Happy to hear you are getting some rain. So are we. Too much at times. I want some sunny days.

Jayne said...

Yes, your area got a little too much rain, too quickly didn't it? Still, as you say, it's very welcome. Your little bouquet is quite delightful.

LindaCTG said...

Lovely posies! And a plum or tomato tastes just as yummy even when it splits from too much of a good thing. Did you ever tell us which plum it was?

But I sure hope that drink keeps coming; I'd rather have it than the flip side!

Gail said...

What a wonderful problem to have! Love the Wine Cups and want to know the secret of growing them! gail

Diana said...

GetGrounded- Ah, I love plum jelly & jam. My mom makes it from farmer's market produce and shares. Yum! Not sure I have enough to make a jar though. I'll be sure not to share with you!

MMD - This happens to our tomatoes a lot in the summer here with or drought and then we'll get a downpour and all the skins will split!

Deb-I'm gonna have to get out there with a ladder and a magnifying glass! There so small and they hide so well!

Carol - Thanks - boy 3 inches was so wonderful. You've had scary weather and quite a bit of rain I see. Storms yesterday, I heard - my MIL ready to go under the house.

Jayne - Happy to have that rain, really. I have not watered since. Thought about it tonight and decided to wait 1 more day. Every little bit I can save on water bill with this huge yard!

Linda - I love having flower in the house - especially when they are mine! Well, I thought this was an ornamental plum! Not.Mexican... that's all I know. Prunus Mexicana

Gail - I love the Wine Cups, too and even though they take over the path, I keep them. They are a burst of color in the middle of the grass. I made Kallie a posie of them today to put in her bathroom. They are in crushed granite and get beating hot sun and not too much water! They like being abused.