Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm tired of sharing, ok?

I'm just sayin'.

I like butterflies and moths as much as the next guy. I have planted a garden full of butterfly, bird and bee-friendly plants.
And now I am paying the price! The top photo used to a be a beautiful purple Datura, blooming just a few nights ago. Then one morning, Poof!

All gone.

Then there are the tomato hornworms that are making a stalk-y mess of my tomatoes. I am picking them off daily and just moving them elsewhere now.
All my veggies are under attack, as are many perennials throughout the garden. These are radishes being eaten alive.
My parsley is devoid of foliage, but full of swallowtail caterpillars and their remnants.
Someone likes the ruhbarb, too, though I haven't harvested any for ME yet!
And the swiss chard must also be tasty to the caterpillars because it is full of holes, too.
Out in the rest of the garden, the cannas and the variegated shell ginger are being assaulted. I pruned some mangled canna leaves and found fuzzy white moth caterpillars on them -- but I couldn't determine which moths they will become. I relocated them and their leaves to the woods, too. Boy did those little buggers move fast! They knew I had a hold of their leaves and they were running for their lives, but I let them be...just somewhere ELSE!

I didn't take pictures of the Moy Grande Hibiscus with little holes all over it from beetles or the Missouri Violets, Coneflowers and Silver Ponyfoot being eaten by the little baby bucks.

Sharing schmaring!


Jan (VA Zone 7A) said...

awe, Diana! We gardeners take the bad with the good, so I am glad you shared;-) It does get frustrating seeing so much destruction. Of course 'some' of it is for a worthy cause (ie: parsley, for the butterflies). But those hornworms, well...they're yucky! I think you were being rather kind to those white moths. Not sure I would have been that nice to them! Having seen other photos of your garden, I know the majority of it is still beautiful! You aren't changing your name, are you?! Afterall, it's ok to Share your garden even with holes and damage/destruction. Hang in there;-) Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Diana said...

Jan - Nah - I'm still sharing! Just cranky for a day! In fact, I really plant the parsley especially for the swallowtails. It's just all so messy looking right now and I have to get out there and clean house. I was really sad about the new Datura though. And I know the grasshoppers are big and bad this year, too. But it will pass and butterflies and moths will flitter around and we'll all be in awe of them and all will be forgotten!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I seem to be having more destruction in the garden this year too. I never use insecticide so I think they are coming and inviting all of their friends!

I keep looking for caterpillars on my milkweed, parsley and dill, so far nothing. I hope to see them soon!

Bob said...

I'm having the same problem here Diana. So many and so many different kinds. I usually just throw them out into the woods, but the hornworms, they go squish.

Your trellis is done and I will see you at Jenny's. Bob

getgrounded said...

Diana, I have to thank you for planting such yummy plants, cause I'm having some munchers but not as much as you. I think it's your sweet green thumb that's attracting so many. Soon they'll all be flying, right?

Caroline said...

I hear ya. The butterfly caterpillars seem to have moved on, but the flea beetles are getting on my last nerve. The lower leaves on nearly everything -- tomatoes, cukes, eggplant, peppers, green beans -- look like they've been peppered with buckshot. I keep saying I'm gonna go spray everything down with neem oil, then something comes up and I forget. Just go away already, dumb flea beetles! My condolences on your Datura.

Cynthia said...

Good luck and hang in there. Also, the society garlic plants are blooming and look so beautiful. Thanks again.

Cynthia said...

I feel your pain. Last week I had to pull the Georgia Collard Greens (never got to taste them) becasue they were riddled with holes from tons of caterpillars. Sad becasue I purchased enough greens to make several meals through the season (frist time for calculating right). This weekend I had to go ahead and pull all the Swiss Chard it was mostly holes and stems not very apetizing. What we have to go through to grow our own food.

Patchwork said...

It seems like the year of the pests.

I had those fuzzy worms eating everything. Then, the hornworms....I agree with Bob on how to take care of them. The squash vine borers got the squash. Now, red spider mites on everything.

Mr. P points out that there is a perfectly good farmers market, right here in Wimberley.

It is SO frustrating.


Jayne said...

I had some monarch caterpillars on a couple of my milkweed plants. I was all set for them to strip the plants, but something got them. All of them disappeared overnight. The grapevine was hosting an Eight-Spotted Forrester caterpillar on Thursday, but I'm not sure if it's still there. Luckily, my one tomato plant seems not to have attracted any bugs - yet.
Hang in there Diana, I'm sure the caterpillars are very grateful to you for keeping them fat and happy :-)

Mr Brown Thumb said...

You should change the name of your blog to Nature Sharing Dina's Garden.


MrBrownThumb said...

You should change the name of your blog to Nature Sharing Diana's Garden.


Tori C. said...

Hi there! I found your blog based on you leaving a comment on someone ekse's in 2010. Did you ever ID that caterpillar? I found the same one in my Dallas backyard today munching away on my dill!

Diana said...

Tori, I didn't ever find the culprit, but his cousins are back here this year!