Hoeing for hornworms

Holy Cow.

Imagine my horror when I inspected the garden today after returning from our 4 day trip to Indiana and found a tomato horn worm.

No, wait, not one.

But two.

No, wait, not two, but FOUR!

The horror.

So I got my thick gloves and my child's hoe.

I picked them off one by one and hoed them to death.

(Did you know that their blood is green ooze, kinda like anti-freeze?)


Then I covered their carcasses with mulch in the garden path and gave them a proper burial.

It's too hot now to follow up with BT, but you can bet I will be out there first thing in the morning to spray and make sure I got all the little buggers.

It took me a long time to find those four, and I am certain there are more that I simply can't see. They blend in much too well. They are the epitome of camouflage.

Ahh ... the tomato wars begin.

So far, the odds are still good.

Diana - 1, Hornworms - 0.

Are you prepared to do battle in the tomato wars of 2010? Who are your worst garden enemies?

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