Wildflower Wednesday -- Way out of control

Welcome to Wildflower Wednesday, when we join Gail of Clay and Limestone to share our photos and stories of native wildflowers. My favorite today is in my own garden.

Golden Coreopsis has grown out of control in my garden. They were 1 foot tall when I put in the original plants 2 years ago. Last year I didn't have any at all - some garden helpers pulled them out in early spring thinking they were weeds. But this year they are back with a vengeance - a towering 4 feet tall, growing over all my other perennials and shrubs. So I am enjoying the show they're putting on, and then I plant to pull them and let them reseed in a more appropriate place where they can grow to their heart's content!

Golden Coreopsis, Coreopsis tinctoria
This amazing wildflower gets 1-4 feet tall. The yellow and reddish/brown leaves are bright and bold, made even more so by the giant stems on which they rest.

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