Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweet Garden Surprise

I've been wondering if my irises were going to put on a show for me this year.

Last year, none of them bloomed.

At all.

I had planted several different varieties in an effort to create the beginnings of an iris bed.

My first irises were a mystery. It took me lots of searching and some blogging queries to determine that this is a Louisiana iris named Professor Neil.

I'm afraid I didn't get the full range of color with my camera. It was a little too hot already and when I realized the photo was lacking, I went to shoot another, but today it's gone already.

I am so excited to see that glorious dusty burgundy color with the wheaty-gold. They are so rich and unusual.

There is another bud in the iris bed. It's a very different kind -- I think it might be either a Lace or Ocelot iris that I ordered and planted in 2008.

It's like Christmas in May!

A surprise around every corner -- after last year's iris-bloom drought, I'm enjoying every one of them.


getgrounded said...

Wow, Diana, how interesting to have Iris blooming now. I love the color of the one you pictured - so unusual! Sorry it couldn't take the heat and went away after only one day, it would have been lovely to enjoy.

Diana said...

GetGrounded -- It is so unusual--why I love it. It was here a few days at least, I took the photo a few days ago. Can't wait for the next ones.

Patchwork said...

Iris are a favorite of mine. And yet, I don't have any in my garden.
They're on my list to plant this fall, though.

The ones around the neighborhood, aren't being eaten by the deer. Another good feature for them.

Your red one is very nice. Do Louisiana iris require more water? I know they'll grow in bog conditions.

Thanks for sharing..

Jayne said...

How strange that they didn't bloom for you last year, but I'm glad they decided to grace you with blooms this year :-) I love the color of the one you showed us.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All that rain this winter really helped your garden. Beautiful iris.

LindaCTG said...

That one is lovely! Yes, I think they sure appreciated our rain. And wow on new cabana look. It'll be fun to see what you do next.

Lancashire rose said...

OOOH! It's lovely as well as being a surprise.

Diana said...

Patchwork: I love irises, but have only recently begun a real collection of them. They are logical for us, because the deer leave them alone! Not sure if they need more water, but I think mine get plenty where they are at.

Jayne - Now I hope the others bloom, too,so I can take some better pics!

Lisa - Thanks. I love this time of year when the spring planting starts to take shape.

Linda -- I'm getting used to the back yard openness, and I'm excited about planting new things.

Lancashire Rose -- Thanks - I don't have any other colors like it in my garden, which is why I like it so much. It's a bit richer and more wine colored than this photo.

Ginny said...

My irises didn't bloom at all last year either - though they bloomed well the year before. This year I've had two to bloom, but still many that didn't. I wonder if it's a combination of needing to be divided and being directly under the bird feeder - meaning that the rhizomes that normally would be exposed are constantly being covered by the shells of the sunflower seeds. So I'm going to divide and move them. Should I do it now or wait until September? Anyone have ideas?