Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hot blooms in the hot town tonigt...

I know it won't be summer for quite some time yet, but for those of us living in Central Texas, it's already here.

Luckily for us, the plants in my garden are happy to see it arrive, and are showing off some of their hot blooms in honor of our hot weather.

Bog sage
This is the passalong I got from The Gardener of Good and Evil' -- a Wisconsin ditch lily!
My first Plumeria blooms of the season, with a wonderful, heady lemon scent.
This amazing Allium is not a bulb I planted (THEY all died, or rather, they are still dying a slow and hot ugly death!), but this is an onion in my garden whose bloom I didn't remove!
Need a plant ID on this one. This is one of only a handful of plants left from the original owner. I love it, but have no idea what it is. It's a BIG shrub - I prune it to 3x3.
A little knockout rose bloom ready to knock our socks off with color.
A little mix of Damianita and trailing Lantana.
The Pitcher Sage I bought LAST spring at the Wildflower Center sale finally grew and bloomed this spring.
This is the Buddleia that I pruned into a small tree shape this week. It looks so much better with a haircut, but it was hard to cut off some of those stunning hot purple blooms.
Everyone should have a little Parika Yarrow - and I got some more today from Robin at GettingGrounded to add into the mix!
Up close and personal with Senorita Rosalita Cleome.
And this delicate little beauty is a Blue Curls, given to me at the last swap by Bob at Gardening at Draco. I cannot get over how sweet this little bloom is, yet the plant is growing fast and hearty as it can be.

It's so nice when the summer bloomers are young and happy and not yet stressed!


Annie in Austin said...

Great color, Diana - what a variety! I have some of those edible alliums, too - and agree they are almost as pretty as the ornamental ones.

Maybe the mystery plant is some kind of Hypericum/St John's wort? There's one called 'Hidcote' that kind of looks like your photo.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Kim said...

Like Annie, I immediately thought your mystery plant is some kind of Hypericum. The size throws me a bit, as I never had one grow much bigger than the 3x3 size. But know there's lots of species.

LindaCTG said...

Beautiful flowers! You've got so much going on. Interesting on the hypericum; it looks great. Must add pitcher sage to my list, too.

Jayne said...

What a wonderful variety Diana. I love the color of your buddleia. Nice and hot down here in the Houston area this weekend too.

Diana said...

Thanks, Annie. So nice to see summer things come into their own finally. It was a long, cool spring, that's for sure. Even thought I now know onions dead, gonna leave the blooms in til they are on the downhill side - they smell wonderful and are pretty.

Kim - You're right, that's what I thought the Hypericum was. I hear it can be invasive in shade - mine's just BIG in shade. But pretty blooms all over it.

Linda/CTG-I'm loving the pitcher sage - it's so different than many of the other sages. It'll be interesting to see how it grows.

Jayne - Bet you had a tad bit of humidity down there in Houston, too, huh?!!! That hot purple Buddleia is my absolute favorite color - afraid I didn't really do it justice though.

getgrounded said...

Oh, your allium onion is gorgeous! Nice photos Diana, it's always great to see your blooms.

Diana said...

GetGrounded - Thanks - only alliums I am ever gonna get to grow! And I can't even EAT them! Alliums=bad luck!

Pam/Digging said...

Your heat-loving flowers are looking good. Summer is coming; they'll be happy. Someone should be. ;-)