Very Variegated V.....

Phooey - I'm late for Foliage Follow-up, and I couldn't think of anything else appropriate that starts with "V." (Writer's block!)

But I do have some lovely foliage in the garden thanks to some good spring weather and the recent rains.

I've been introducing more variegated plants into the shady areas of my garden over the last year, and they are putting on a show right now.

This is new growth on an agave that almost died last winter.

Walking my garden with me this morning, Robin of Getting Grounded commented that its foliage looks soft, not hard like an Agave. Guess that's that fresh, new growth.

Isn't it funny how something so tough and so spiny can also look so delicate at times?

This is a Crystal Palace Gem Geranium.
This is variegated Mikaela Euonymos - it's a very compact shrub - hasn't grown much at all since I planted it two years ago. The deer have munched on it once or twice, and while it didn't do what I wanted it to do, it looks pretty right now.
The variegated Dianella -- Flax lily -- died back in the freezes, but they are all coming back nicely now.
This is an Agave americana var. mediopicta f. alba.
Sparkler sedge that I got at the Great Outdoors last week -- Carex abula -- thanks to a tip from Pam at Digging.

This is Carex hachijoensis 'Evergold' -- well, maybe it's not. Actually the Carex across the path is the 'evergold' -- so this would be.....hmmmm....another kind?!
This variegated Vinca keeps coming back in the middle of my Abelia, and I will rip some of it out, but I may try to plant it somewhere that I would actually LIKE for it to grow. It is pretty.
Another variegated sedge or miscanthus -- my record-keeping last summer left something to be desired, didn't it?
These are my blooming African Hostas. Aren't they cool? Drimiopsis maculata.
The variegated shell ginger by the pool are all coming back nicely.
And last, but not least, the variegated Eureka Lemon tree that rose from the dead and will live to fruit another day!

Happy Foliage Follow-up, and thanks to Pam of Digging for inviting us to share the rest of the story after bloom day.

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