Friday, April 2, 2010

Take my advice, I'm not using it!

Every year, I give myself advice and I say:

"I'm not going to buy a bunch of pots this year - they are too much work to water every single day. I'm going to be content with what is in the ground."

I say it in the spring, I say it in the summer, I say it in the fall and I say it in the winter.

And then, I buy a whole bunch of little pots.
Because they're cute.
Because I just have to have that particular plant.
Because that would look just great in this particular spot.
Because it looks a little empty over there.
Because they call to me in the store ... "buy me, please, please, buy me...take me home with you"
Because I am weak.
Because I have no will power.
Heck, I don't know why.
I don't know why, really, but I seem to be incapable of exercising even the most limited amount of restraint.
But, they are pretty.
And they do brighten up counters and corners and tables.
And it's nice to collect certain plants.
And they allow me to have certain tropical plants that would die in the ground if I couldn't move them in during the winter.
And some of them were given to me as gifts - I have to put plants in those.
And some have very sentimental value like this beautiful white Duranta tree that I was given 13 years ago in honor of my sick dog.
And, well...they make me happy.

Do you have more than a few pots sitting around your garden?


Cindy, MCOK said...

Yes, there are pots all over my garden. Small pots, big pots, in between pots. I'll regret that when July gets here!

Diana said...

Cindy - oh yeah - from tiny to giant - it's crazy isn't it? And we will regret it when it takes 45 minutes to water them all in that sweltering heat that's inevitable!

getgrounded said...

Diana, I'm thankful that you do this for the rest of us to enjoy when we come to your lovely garden. Cause I sure as heck won't do it. I love your addiction! Nice photos.

Diana said...

GetGrounded - yes, I need a 12 step program for potted plants!

Annie in Austin said...

You're even worse than I am, Diana - and your pots are way prettier.

How about these two:
"because some plants will live in a well-drained pot but die in the clay" and

"because the pots can hide inside the fence while the deer stay outside"

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Pam/Digging said...

I love using pots in garden beds, but they generally have to be large enough to stand out and make a focal point. I use them empty or planted with cactus or succulents so that I don't have to water them often. And they're generally too big and heavy to move, so they have to be fairly hardy for winter.

You do have a LOT of pots, and they are very pretty. But I'm glad I don't have to keep them all watered. ;-)

Cyndy said...

Oh it's a pot farm here too:)There's always something to pop into one, and they're great to fill holes when a perennial has gone by...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh heck yes. I have some still lined up like little soldiers in front of the windows in the house just waiting to be placed outside. I have them stacked in the barn awaiting the call to be filled for summer display and I have some sitting empty outside waiting their new arrangements. Who can resist?? You have a beautiful collection. The plants in them are good too.

Diana said...

Annie - yes, you're right, I can keep plants in pots away from the deer, too! And that sounds so legitimate.

Pam - Yes, you do have lots of pots, but as you say, yours are very different than most of mine. And I did forget to include the 3 pots I have put out in the garden beds!

Cyndy - I used up most of my pretty ones and then started buying new pots and new plants!

Lisa -- line up like soldiers - LOL. It's so hard to break an addiction, isn't it?!

Sarah from Toronto Gardens said...

Love all your reasons. All sound very familiar! Funny post.

Little pots can be unfortunately a death knell for plants at my place cause they dry out so fast, and get knocked over by squirrels a lot easier, etc. etc. I'm trying now to go for the biggest pots I can afford, but small ones are always appearing...out of nowhere...just like yours. :^)

Diana said...

Sarah - Yes, there are so many reasons that pots aren't a good idea, but we have them anyway!

Patchwork said...

Pots were the only way I could have flowers, last year, before the fence went in. But, was a challenge to keep them watered. Now, I can plant in the ground, inside the fence...but I still have stuff in pots.

Hmmm...maybe you're right...a 12 step program is needed.

But, first...I need three little four inch pots for the basket I'm using on the table tomorrow.

RBell said...

I'm startin' to have a hankerin' for potted plants. You can move 'em around to create new arrangements (try that with them "in the ground" plants!). And when the water restrictions hit, you can still water the pots any day of the week (with the knowledge that the desired plant is getting all of that there water)!

Lancashire rose said...

I think you gave reasons aplenty. i would just say of myself- no willpower and that applies to buying plants too. What did I say. No more plants until you have put in the ground all those plants you already have. At least you have yours tucked away in pots. Just bought 2nd $20 bag of Foxhill farms. Broke.

LindaCTG said...

I love the title of this post! Might have steal that line. And oh, do I do the same thing. Every year, "No more pots." And then what happens? Yep, same as you. But you organize yours so beautifully. Really perfect touches for your wonderful outdoor living room.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

I know... it's a sick addiction! :)

keewee said...

Restraint? us gardeners are supposed to have restraint? not likely. At least I don't *chuckle*
Enjoy your pots, they are lovely.

Diana said...

Patchwork - What a difference a year makes, huh? Good luck with your addiction!

RBell - Yes, you can water them when restrictions hit. But my problem is when that happens it's 100 friggin degrees and I don't want to be standing out there for 45 minutes watering pots!~

Lancashire Rose - Willpower schwillpower!

LindaCTG - I had a piece of paper with that typed on it resting on my computer in my office at work for years! Oh so true for me. As for "perfect touches" sounds like rationalization to me!

Dirty Girl Gardening - There's no known cure, either!

Keewee -- Yeah, restraint -- that's just a joke for gardeners, isn't it?!