The other things spring brought with her...

Be careful what you wish for!

We've all been whining (well, I have been whining!) about the long, cold winter (don't laugh if you live north of Dallas) and pining for our Central Texas Spring.

Pandora's box is officially open.

Spring is here, in all her glory. But she brought some friends...

* Weeds and more weeds
* Pollen and even more pollen
* Caterpillars eating the Mountain Laurel trees
* Grasshoppers eating the brand new Diamond Frost Euphorbia
* oh, did I mention WEEDS?

Oh, I'm not complaining -- really. I just have a mile-long gardening to-do list like everyone else. Let's see...I have 34 plants to put into the ground. (The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center sale was the perfect place to buy 4 inch pots of hard-to-find native plants.) They jumped into my wagon until it was overflowing.

I also got two Hinkley's columbine baby passalongs from my Dad.

And two pretty passalong Salvias from Lori at The Gardener of Good and Evil.
I have weeds to pull everywhere...literally, everywhere. They seem to love our spring as much as the pretty plants do.