Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh Moy!

Oh, Moy!

Look at these spectacular new shoots coming from my Moy Grande Hibiscus.

I was sure she was a goner with our wicked winter, but the spring rains and sunshine have revived her.

Grow, baby, grow!


Cyndy said...

Oh Moy indeed! Those big hibiscus can look dead well into June here in Connecticut - then up come those seet little shoots :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How exciting. Hopefully lots of your lost plants have only been on a forced vacation and will return.

Annie in Austin said...

Yay for the Moy Grande! Your plants have been about a week ahead of mine, Diana - hope this means my Blue River II is not dead but dreaming and will wake up soon.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gail said...

Wonderful news...I find these hibiscus always green up later then I think, but I know that yours had a shocking late winter! I was sure I lost all my foam flowers due to wet weather, but they are poking out of the ground! gail

Diana said...

Cyndy - I was so excited to see those shoots. I thought this was the most tender plant in my garden, after the lemon tree that's still alive.

Lisa - Yes, a forced vacation! That's a great way to think of it. A little temporary exile.

Annie - Do you have a Blue Sapphire Duranta alive, by chance? That and the Anacacho orchid are the last two deadwoods I'm worried about.

Gail -- We were all so stunned by our winter that we ran around like Henny Penny saying the sky was falling!

Annie in Austin said...

Diana, the duranta has shown no sign of life but my Orchid tree (not anacacho...some other kind) has a couple of leaves. And Hibiscus showed a shoot today! I knew it was cold hardy since it came with us from IL, but the worry came when leak from neighbor's yard encased it in ice for quite a spell.
Still watching a few small trees & shrubs for green.


Diana said...

Annie - I will keep my fingers crossed for your remaining trees and shrubs. I think our plants are much more tolerant than we have given them credit for!

ConsciousGardener said...

OH hibiscus is peeping out too...whew, I thought I'd lost 'em! Your blog is looking lovely Diana!

Diana said...

conscious Gardener - Thanks, I was surprised to see that Hibiscus come back since it's so tropical. It's amazing how much survived and is just waking up a little slowly.