Bowl full o' berries...

They tried to hide from me in the garden, but I saw them peeking out from under all that foliage and all those little white flowers!
See them there, being sneaky? But I'm smarter than they are, plus, my mouth was watering looking at those juicy, ripe berries. They're going to be breakfast tomorrow.
Look at this beautiful variegated leaf on the base of the Eureka lemon tree. It makes me so happy to see the pink tinge on that cream and green leaf. It may be a long road back, but it's coming right along. I'm going to fertilize it this week, too, to give it a little extra help.
This beauty is on the Carefree Beauty Rose bush - Katy Road. There are buds and blooms all over it.
This profusion of trumpets is my Crossvine that grows on the back fence...
...and way up into the neighboring oak tree! The fence is 6 ft tall, so you can tell how high those vines have climbed.

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