Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blooms bursting out...

This Bloom Day, the Bluebonnets are bursting forth here in Central Texas. Even though we are behind in our blooms this spring, it seems things are finally waking up this month. All those fall rains are finally paying off. You can thank Carol, of May Dreams Gardens, for inviting us all to share our beautiful blooms with our friends on the 15th of each month.
My Tangerine Crossvine is absolutely out of control.
I'm very excited that I finally learned to plant Spiderwort INSIDE the fence so the deer don't eat it and I get to enjoy it's lovely blooms.
This pretty purple Vinca won't be around's leftover from the previous owners (and we've been in the house almost 7 years!) and keeps popping up where I don't want it - in my Abelias. But it is pretty...maybe I will try to move some...
I bought this perky Hinkley's Columbine at the Wildflower Center Sale last weekend. I hope I have better luck this time - I've been unsuccessful with columbines so far.
My 'Maggie' rose has a hundred blooms on it, easily. And they smell heavenly -- can't you smell them?
Okay - back to the Crossvine - see how out of control it is? It's climbing from the ground all the way to the top of this big oak tree.

These two photos are the Carefree Beauty or Katy Road Rose. It's full of blooms, too and is competing neck and neck with Maggie for the best scent ever!

These sweet little Cosmos are in the cutting garden. They're only a few inches tall. My last Cosmos were the tallest ones - probably 3 feet tall!
Here's another little Spiderwort.
The Damianita are starting to bloom and this one of several little pups that I'm going to dig up and move to expand my collection! I love it when I make new plants in my own garden -- well, not me personally, but my plants.

One of many different colors of Alyssum...
Texas Primrose sundrops are so perky in the rock path.
The Homestead Verbena is a sea of purple in the path.
Carpet thyme in the path.
More Alyssum...
and more...
My tall winecups are blooming, too. The foliage is up to my knee.

The profusion of Maggie Roses again.
The Desert Rose is so happy with our nice spring weather.
The Phoebe Hellebore is still blooming - all the blooms have turned from pink to green now, but sadly, none of the other plants have any blooms. Next year.
I have lots of Dianthus scattered around the beds for winter filler -- the deer don't eat them and they perk up the garden when everything else is brown.
One of several salvias I didn't label (bad blogger, bad blogger!).
The Four-Nerve Daisies are all blooming like crazy right now.
The itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie Daffodils are still blooming. The stalks are like standing pieces of twine, they are so thin and delicate.
The first blue Salvia bloom opened today in the front garden by the driveway. This is Mystic Spires - which is a compact, clumping form.
Another Salvia...
A leftover Tete-a-tete Daffodil - I will definitely plant more of these in the fall - loved them.
This was supposed to be Homestead Verbena -- hmmm...someone (not me) was color blind. I just made the mistake of buying them with no blooms and trusting the nursery owner!
The infamous Cleome Senorita Rosalita, made famous by Pam of Digging's trial and rave reviews last summer.

Louisiana Blue Phlox & Dianthus
Phlox - pink something or other!
Primrose Jasmine.
Potato Vine.
Mexican Flame Vine - I am trying a new one. First year I had one it did great, then I think Mexican Mint Marigolds stole its water. Gonna make sure it gets a little more this year.
One of my favorites - Blackfoot Daisies.
A volunteer Bluebonnet that seeded across the driveway from last year's plants.
Diamond Frost Euphorbia. Look quick - I have 3. One has been eaten to the nubs. One is on its way out. This one's days are numbered unless I rush out and move it to the back!
Prairie Verbena that I got at the Wildflower Center last weekend.
Something I planted and didn't write down -- rats!
Another something I planted and didn't write down -- rats!
Bletilla Striata - I now have 3 of them dotting the shade along the river rock bed and it is just beautiful.

This unusual spring has enabled me to inter-plant early and late spring/summer plants and to see where the holes will be when bulbs and early bloomers die back. For me, this is the biggest challenge -- keeping the garden going year round with seasonal bloomers and interest.

Happy GBBD!


Iris said...

Wow, Diana--you really have tons of lovely blooms today! I really love that shot of the pink roses with bluebonnets in foreground. I can't believe I, miss purple flower, don't have any spiderwort. Happy to be reminded by seeing yours!

getgrounded said...

good grief, Diana, what a show! I'll bet your path is spectacular right now...funny how we all add good dirt, and these sweet flowers prefer rocks and granite. Your roses are spectacular, and I think I just planted seeds for the same cosmos you are growing. So sweet. Love your abundance right now!

Snap said...

Wow! Amazing. My dragon lady cross vine was amazing this year. Guess it liked the winter weather!

Jean said...

Lots going on there but I especially love those roses. Well, the bluebonnets too. Anyway, your spiderworts don't get weedy on you? They do for me. Kind of similar to the vincas. The last flower you didn't write down looks a bit like Lyre Leaf Sage, especially if it has some purple on the leaves. I noticed a lot of them for sale in the nurseries in Austin when I was there. Had to laugh because they grow on the sides of ditches around here, and in my lawn!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Ooooh! Winecups and columbine. I want both. I keep killing them. And what's that pale blue flower pictured under the winecups? I like the color and the compactness of it.

Every year I admire other people's crossvine and vow to plant it but don't. Yours looks stunning. More vows for me.

I have to laugh at how you treasure your spiderwort when I'm here yanking it out buy the hundreds. Maybe I should borrow some deer.

Diana said...

Jean - Ah Ha! It IS Lyreleaf sage - the lightbulb went off when I read your comment. Not sure I even like it, but I bought 3 last year and it looks like I may now have 30...Does that sound right? Ho-boy...

Diana said...

Iris - Thanks - I do like the blue bonnets with the roses and the lambs ears. In heat of summer- there is dark blue indigo spires to right of roses - like that color combo so much. You definitely need some spiderwort!

Diana said...

getgrounded - The path has to be cut back - and NOW! No more pathway rock visible in 3 places! Love my roses, but after seeing all Lori's I want different kinds now.

Snap - I think Crossvine is a rugged plant that likes the abuse. Looks kinda rough before blooming, too, but then it makes up for it in spades.

MSS -- Well, I've killed Columbine before, so cross your fingers for me. The winecup just wanted to live in some crushed granite safe from the deer.And I still want to plant your "driveway" vine and haven't, so we're even. You are welcome to borrow some deer any time.

Amy Farrier said...

So many fabulous things to look at! That Maggie rose looks and sounds amazing. And the cross vine looks like a beautiful handful (I've got an out of control honeysuckle vine myself). Is that larkspur next to the bluebonnets? What a combo.

Janet said...

Yes, you do have tons and tons of blooms. Wow! I do like the Urn Lily (Bletilla Striata) saw my first ones last year and really like them.
I have been really pleased with the Alyssum reseeding and spreading each year. (I am assuming it is not perennial), love your assorted colors.

Lancashire rose said...

You are having a beautiful bloom day over in your garden. I noticed that thyme flowering in your path when we were last over. I must get some for my thyme bed. Wooly thyme, I think. Love the cosmos and of course the senorita- I forgot to include her in my bloom day. Oops. Happy bloom day and many more to come.

Patchwork said...

You have so much blooming, already.
I have a new one of those lyre leaf sage. Seems I could have more to come...? Time will tell.

Happy Bloomday.


RBell said...

Goodness - lots of blooms. Really like that Desert Rose.

cityslipper (small kitchen garden) said...

That's an awesome assortment of blossoms... and I'm guessing only a representative sample of what grows in your garden; in a few months, you'll no doubt have many other types of flowers to show. Very nice!

Diana said...

Amy -- Yes, that is Larkspur next to the bluebonnets. It has a ways to go though. Even though my Crossvine seems out of control - it isn't interfering with anything so I'm happy to let it climb up that tree!

Janet - I saw my first Bletilla last year on a garden tour and loved it. Our local bloggers put out an alert when they showed up at a nursery because they are not common around here!

Lancashire Rose - Isn't that thyme adorable? And such a dense little carpet of it. I really like it - it's Thymus 'Pink Chintz' from High Country gardens - got it last spring. Your garden is looking stunning - I'm sure it's even more amazing in person.

Patchwork - I guess we will both find out soon enough about that Lyre Leaf Sage. I may have to track down the nursery staffer that convinced me to buy it!

RBell -- Thanks - the hardest part about the Desert Rose is really NOT watering it! I can make it stop blooming in a heartbeat by watering it.

Cityslipper - Yes, some of these are spring only bloomers, but many will stay through summer. The real summer blooms haven't started yet, like the Lantana, Euryops, and several of the salvias and sages.

Pam/Digging said...

So deer like that DF euphorbia, huh? You'd think they wouldn't like that latexy sap. I'm hoping my gopher plant euphorbia out front will prove untasty for them.

You are lucky to have so much sunny, protected garden space for roses.

Diana said...

Pam - My Gopher plant is untouched out in the back, but it may be that they haven't found it yet! I'm not sure if this is the deer eating or bunnies (it is that time though I haven't seen any yet) or caterpillars. I really should move them all quickly, but that's probably not happening today! Happy GBBD.

LindaCTG said...

How magnificent! I can't believe you've already got cosmos blooming. And hope my Maggie gets as big as yours. You'll love lyre-leaf, don't yank it. Really, quite an impressive show you have and a beautiful collection of plants.

Town Mouse said...

Quite a collection! Too bad, I couldn't smell the rose. Allergies.

Happy bloom day

Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm just in awe of your Maggie rose. Mine has been sulking since the last time I moved her, poor girl. I hope she'll recover and look as glorious as yours!