Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teensy-weensy seedlings...


I planted 9 pots with seeds on Saturday. Yes, Saturday. That's 4 days ago.

And this morning when I went into the greenhouse, 5, count 'em, 5, of the pots had seedlings in them.


Here's who's up:

Lima Beans
Yellow Pear Tomatoes
Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomatillos
Spacemaster Cucumbers

I've never had seedlings come up this fast. And it's the first time I used a heat mat from Gardeners Supply Company under them at night and it seems to have made all the difference. I'll have to go out there and plant some more things! I have a second mat I haven't put to use yet.

The ever-bearing strawberries are ever bearing! There are blooms all over the plants.
And my little Ice Plant was smiling at me from the back rock path with its sunny little bloom today.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I keep watching my winter sown seeds. Nothing happening here yet. It is to get into the 60's today. Maybe that will convince them it is time to show themselves.

Jean said...

Those heat mats really do make a difference. I planted a variety of seeds last week expecting nothing until this week. I put them on a heating pad (my heat mat fell apart this year). Within 3 days I had kale up yet the package said it would be 8 to 10 days. Amazing. However, my ghost peppers are taking their sweet time.

Darla said...

It's a happy day when you see little green sprouts from seeds!!

Jayne said...

Lucky you to have seeds coming up - how exciting :-)

Gail said...

It's just like magic isn't it! So quick~I love it. gail

Lancashire rose said...

Lemon grass seeds! Now there's something I would like to have again. Someone once gave me a lemon grass plant which I put in one of my veg. beds. It liked it there so much it literally ate up all the soil and it took a chain saw to get it out. I miss it but next time I would put it in a pot. Where did you get the seeds? I have never even seen a plant anywhere although I heard that if you buy a stalk at the store you can root i. If you have one to spare let me know. The seed mat makes all the difference.

Diana said...

Lancashire Rose - I have several seedlings, and having had lemon grass before, I know what a monster it will be, so you are welcome to a seedling. I'll save it for you till my Design A Go Go. (Gotta send out that invite today!)

Lisa - the 60s will sure help your seeds.

Jean -- Wish I'd known what a difference heat mats would make before I had so many failures!

Darla - Yes - aren't sprouts the best? New garden life, full of promise.

Jayne -- And they are growing like crazy now, too. Some things in the greenhouse are getting hot during the days now, but those seedlings are thrilled.

Gail - it is like magic. They doubled in size yesterday alone!

LindaCTG said...

That is the most fun ever! Baby plants up in 4 days. You've got the magic touch though your new investment was worth it. I never even tried lemon grass from seed. Go, girl!

Jane said...

I'm ready for tomatoes and SALSA!!! I can't wait to whip out MY very own tomato cages. YEAH!

Diana said...

Linda - And you should see them today! They are like monster steroid seedlings -- all because of those heat mats. Wow. Taped the show today - saw a bit live, but was planting! Looks like it went well.

Jane -- Yes, your tomatoes will be so happy in their special cages. Did I tell you the Gardener's Supply Co. will shoot some of their catalog next fall in my garden? Now I have everything for salsa in the ground - tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro - yum!