Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tantalizing tulips

No, I didn't grow them. (Right, in 106-degree days for months on end in a drought in Texas)

But I did come home with them. I adopted them from my local grocery store yesterday. They were all closed when I put them in the vase. A few hours later, much to my amazement - these beautiful double tulips opened. I can't stop staring at them.

They are so pretty and perky and cheerful in my kitchen. Sunshine in a vase.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Simply gorgeous.

Cyndy said...

Wow - what a nice surprise from the grocery store!

Diana said...

Lisa - love bringing store-bought signs of spring inside the house!

Cyndy - Sure wish I could grow tulips. Even species kind would be eaten by deer outside fence and dog inside fence!

Jayne said...

They're beautiful!

Gail said...

A wonderful way to celebrate spring~~How's your plant eating boy doing? gail

LindaCTG said...

Love them! I agree, wonderful way to celebrate spring with sunshine indoors. And if you can't grow 'em thanks to deer & dear Dakota, let someone else do it for you & enjoy the wonder.

mothernaturesgarden said...

I feel the warmth of your sunshine.

Diana said...

Jayne -- Thanks, they are so cheerful!

Gail - Thanks for asking. His surgery went well and we're waiting for pathology results this week.

Linda/CTG - I like that - let someone else do the gardening work while I sit back and reap the benefits...nah!

Mothernaturesgarden - We sure do have some warmth - 80F today, can you believe it?!

AMIT said...

Just wonderful.

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