Lemon tree, very pretty...hmmm hmm, hmmm...

So, today was a big garden clean-up and planting day.

I was assuming (yes, I know the old adage about people who 'assume') that my variegated Eureka Lemon tree was a goner. Every branch I cut or scraped was dry and brittle. They snapped with that ugly dead sound that confirms your worst fears.

So, as I was giving instructions to my 'guy' about digging it up, we gave it one last look. And all the branches were still dead.

But far, far down at the base of the trunk there was the tiniest sliver of green.


It was no bigger than the white tip of your pinky fingernail. And there -- just above it, another speck of green, the size of a pin head.


See it? Right there, next to that wound. A sign of glorious life.

Of all the plants at risk this harsh winter, I was most concerned about this tree. It is my prized possession - the lemons are amazing and I just love it. And I was very sad when I thought I'd lost it.

But, many of my garden friends encouraged me to have hope, and they were right. It was a long, slow and late winter, and recovery for established plants will also be long, slow and late this year. I know that in my head, and now I understand the reality. I guess I shouldn't try to rush Mother Nature!

I did, however, lose my little Bottlebrush tree in the front yard to last winter's cold temperatures. Nothing alive left anywhere on that one. I planted it late and it was small and just too tender and not established enough to survive. Today, a new (and bigger) Bottlebrush - "Hanna Ray" went into the extension of the front bed.

It will soon by joined by a large blue Agave and some deep blue-colored salvias. Not sure which salvias, but I do know I want them to be the color of the Indigo Spires - just not that tall.
My first Wine Cup bloom opened today. Lancashire Rose was here this weekend and said hers were blooming all over the place, so I am glad to see mine aren't too far behind. I love the way they look spilling about the rock path.
These could be yours! These two photos are all of the Society Garlic that I'll be sharing with Austin Garden Bloggers who come over this Saturday for our design/brainstorming/swap meet-up. My neighbor dug them all up and shared with our neighborhood, then let me offer them to garden bloggers. This is what's left after 3 neighbors and 4 garden bloggers have already taken bunches of them!
And it smells delightfully like an Italian restaurant outside of my garage!

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