Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally a few blooms for their day...

We're breathing a sigh of relief here in Central Texas as we celebrate Garden Bloggers Bloom Day with our friend Carol of May Dreams Gardens.

Blooms are slowly coming back to our gardens. We've had a taste of true winter here this year, and like most of our neighbors to the north, have had to wait a long time for spring to show her face.

We are about a month behind in growth for most plants in our gardens. And while the official chance of frost has not yet passed (the range takes us to the end of March), we think we are probably safe. (How's that for scientific guesstimating?) Isn't that what we gardeners do though?

So here are my blooms for this very slow March. Above is a new Phlox that I added to a front bed this week.

My favorite time of year for the little peach tree - in its full glory. Since it never produces peaches, this is it - enjoy it!
After trying hard to kill all my Amaryllis this fall and winter, once they went into the greenhouse and got farther away from me, they were all happy and growing. This is the first one to bloom - it opened this week.
Okay - don't put me in time out. I know these aren't in the ground yet, but they will be this week and they're just so pretty I wanted to photograph these Diamond Frost Euphorbia that will join the shade bed soon.
My Sierra Memorial Impatien is still blooming - bloomed all winter long. I hope it's equally happy when it moves outside next week, because it's getting a little too hot in the greenhouse when it's 80F outside.
I have lots of strawberry blooms and even have little green strawberries growing already. I think these kinds of blooms are my favorite because I know they will yield sweet, juicy fruit that I can eat standing in my garden.
A few white and fucsia colored Alyssum plants went into vacant spots in the rock garden path yesterday. They love living in the crushed granite.
As does the Ice plant and the Homestead Verbena.

I hear my paperwhites are short because I planted them late, but they are really cute and they don't flop over as easily either. Maybe I'm onto something!
Not a great shot, but you know the Hellebores are shy and hang their little heads so you can't get a good photo of them. She's pretty in spite of my lack of photo skills.
Even though the vines are pretty skanky-looking after our hard winter, I do have a few blooms on the Primrose Jasmine.
And much to my surprise, the mystery Viburnum left by the previous owners even has a little bloom on her.
The first Hymenoxis opened today and there will several following on her heels. They are growing where no one else will grown, and they like it there just fine.
Daffodils of all types are still blooming all over the beds. Sadly, I fear that those not close to blooming may not make it because it's already too hot for them. It's been 80F for several days and I see some leaves on daffodils without buds are already turning yellow.
Don't ban me from GBBD for this one, but I just had to show you how close the Texas Mountain Laurel is to actually blooming. And yes, it is a full month behind. I was showing off beautiful Mt. Laurel blooms on Feb 18 last year:
A little Dianthus returning after the blooms all went away for the bitter cold of winter.
Loropetalum showing off her hot pink fringe flowers.
Mexican Plum tree in full bloom.
Yellow Grape Muscari "Golden Fragrance" that packs a punch of scent. It's so sweet and yummy smelling, you almost want to take a bite out of it. (Sure hope no one does!)


Cyndy said...

What a lot of color you have to show off! I love that diamond frost euphorbia as a filler in containers up here - looks fresh all season.

Lancashire rose said...

I knew there would be plenty going on in Nature's Garden. There is nothing more spring like than blossom on the trees. How I miss apple and crabapple blossom. Inspired by your hellebores I bought one when I was up in Dallas this weekend. Not to find the right spot. Happy GBBD and enjoy your lovely blooms.

getgrounded said...

Diana, it's quite a bit different than last year's prolific early blooms, isn't it? Perhaps this means, though, that we'll have a liveable summer?
It's so funny that the Amaryllis is blooming NOW and only in the greenhouse. I bought one of the same variety, I think, and it bloomed in January! Our plants are all confused this year.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your garden is loaded with blooms already. Don't fret over posting a shot of buds, I'd rather see Mountain Laurel in bud than not at all. Besides, I posted photos of my Hellebores in bud. Your Hellebore is gorgeous, btw.

Jayne said...

You have some wonderful blooms to share for GBBD.
I saw a pretty little peach tree for sale ;ast weekend, but wasn't able to get it because there was no room in the car. When I went back to the store, they were all gone :-(
I do so love trees in blossom.

sweet bay said...

Your garden certainly seems to have recovered from its dose of winter! I love those blue hatch markings around the center of the phlox.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have lots of color for being behind this spring. Your spring is still way ahead of our spring. Happy GBBD.

Janet said...

Oh Diana, your garden is so full of blooms I have lost track of all the photos I wanted to comment the peach tree, do your impatiens reseed? I like Alyssum, again, mine reseeds. Just gorgeous!!

AMIT said...

Hey your Garden is so lovely.

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LindaCTG said...

You've got a lot going on! Makes me want to try phlox again. I'm getting my Diamond Frost this weekend but am holding off to plant in case we get that surprise at the end of the month!

Caroline said...

Your Diamond Frost looks much better than mine. Greenhouse, I'm guessing? I plunked mine in the ground last weekend and will hope for the best. Fingers crossed! Happy GBBD.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Diana - your garden may seem slow to you, but it's ahead of mine! It's very cool to see the strawberry blossoms mixed in with the spring flowers and the 'ringers' like the Diamond Frost tempting when I see it on Austin garden blogs!

I'm delaying my post until the redbuds bloom - only new thing one iris and a few daffodils. Happy GBBD!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Pam/Digging said...

I'm glad that the mountain laurel is late. So often it gets nipped by a late freeze that kills off the flowers, but not this year, I'm betting.

It's really looking springy in your garden now. So where did you find the Diamond Frost euphorbia? I need to replace mine.

Gail said...

It looks like your garden is making a nice recovery~that's the best news. Isn't Diamond Frost Euphorbia the perfect filler....only frost killed it here. gail

Diana said...

Cyndy - I hadn't thought of the Euphorbia in a container, but that sounds like a great idea. I will be stealing that one from you!

Lancashire Rose - I do love the tree blossoms. Used to drive along Town Lake to work and loved spring watching each and every one bloom. Nothing like it, is there? Well, maybe Wisteria, or...(tee hee!)

GetGrounded - Our gardens are confused, but I am hoping the rest of the year is a little more on the normal side for a change.

MMD - I can't wait to see your Hellebores in bloom -- you have the perfect garden for them.

Jayne - So sorry you lost your peach tree. It's tough when you don't have a big truck to haul loads and loads of things for the garden!

Sweet Bay - Just couldn't resist buying a few more Phlox last week - mine survived the winter, so I figure they are a good bet,e ven though they don't make it much past spring.

Linda -- Well, my Diamond Frost is sitting in the greenhouse waiting for another week. Did you see -- 36 Saturday night. I did plant three Agastaches today... hope they are ok. I'm just itching....

Caroline - I'll be your Diamond Frost liked the rain yesterday, though. I can't wait to put mine in.

Annie - The strawberries are going to town. They have even taken over the paths all around their end of the veggie bed. I am planting peppers in the middle of them to maximize space! Greedy things!

Pam - The Diamond Frost came from....HD...I think. Could have been Lowes, I trolled them both last week to see what they had, which was not much, but that. I grabbed 3 and have them waiting in the greenhouse for about another week.

Gail - I planted my first Diamond Frost last summer, and lost it promptly this frigid winter. But I wanted it back because it was so nice in the shade bed for a little soft structure and color.

Bren said...

The Diamond Frost look FUN! THEY will get super big if you give them room. I love your garden Tweets on Twitter - that is how I found you blog. See you at BUFFA10!

Happy Spring!

Diana said...

Bren - I'm loving the Diamond Frost, too. Nice little splashes of light in my shady pathway. Not sure if I am following you on twitter, but tweet me! Saw on your blog that you have a relatively new greenhouse. I have one, too - don't you love it? Can't wait for Buffa10.