A bowl full of love...

We are so enjoying our variety of lettuce and greens from the garden. We had salad this weekend with Sweet Mixed Greens, Oak Leaf Lettuce, Watercress, Parsley and radishes from the garden.

Also growing in the veggie garden right now:

Sweet 1015 Onions
Strawberries (blooming, no less!)
Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Flat leaf & Curly Parsley
Green Cabbage
Daikon Radishes
Carrot and Leek seeds have been planted -- (I hope they are growing. We've had warm enough days and some rain coming today -- maybe we will see some growth next week - cross your fingers for me.)

This weekend I also planted seeds to start inside the greenhouse - tomatoes, lima beans, peppers, lemon grass - are all sitting on a heat mat keeping them toasty warm. I've really missed the 'get-them-started-early' boat, but they will still be fun to have grown from seed myself.

It's gray and very foggy here with storms forecast for later in the day. No gardening today, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and...are you sitting down? 78F. So I'll work at school today and do some paperwork at home, paying my dues for what I hope to be a glorious day tomorrow.

Have a great Monday.

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