Thursday, February 25, 2010

Those birds need to earn their keep...

The nerve!

My little birds -- Titmice, Cardinals, Finches, Wrens, Sparrows and many more, are slackers.

I dutifully put out bird seed for them before the big snowfall, so they would have food to eat and keep them warm.

And they can't even respond by shoveling the snow off their front porch!

Guess it was just too cold for outside chores on Tuesday.

Or maybe, they just knew that by yesterday, the sun would be back and the snow would be gone anyway.

But they were very happy for the birdseed and it was fun to watch them flit about with their feathers all puffed up to keep them warm.

Miss Phoebe Hellebore was quite happy with the cold weather and the snow, she just opened right up to welcome it into her garden. Isn't she pretty? But her 3 other Hellebore friends are still holding out on me.
This lovely bunny, given to me several years ago by my BFF, didn't seem bothered by the snow and cold either.
These little guys, however, were up to their eyeballs in it -- literally! They will be happy to be back in the sunshine soon.
Love the abstract art that the snow makes when it lands on plants in the garden.
My daughter and her friend tried valiantly to make a snowman, but it kept falling apart and their little fingers got cold before they could get the job done. Afterwards, I rewarded their hard work inside with Girl Scout cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

And one final long shot of the snow covering the front yard in the "Blizzard of 2010!" Loved having it here, and today -- so glad it's gone and our sun is back -- 63F for the high today with a little wind. I can live with that!


getgrounded said...

Love that hellebore! I wonder how many years (decades) before we see images like those in an Austin winter again? It was a fun day, wasn't it?

Linda/patchwork said...

The hellebore is beautiful.

The snow was a beautiful sight...even though we got mostly sleet, down here.

Those are cute little critters, up to their eyeballs in snow.

Diana said...

GetGrounded - Isn't she lovely? Yes, you're right, it might be decades before we have snow like that again. So glad we got to enjoy it safely.

Linda/Patchwork - Thanks! Sorry you were a little too far south for most of the snow. That usually happens to me, too, in Oak Hill. Those a little Target garden bugs that find their way around the garden & pots cuz they just make me smile!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'll take a pass on your snow, but that Hellebore is fantastic.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Snow is wonderful when it melts quickly. I know you all have enjoyed some actual winter weather this year!
I'm so ready for some 60 degree weather!

Diana said...

Robin - Since our snow was probably meant for you, I'll try to send you some of our 60F today! It's pretty when it's quick and safe, but when you live with it, it's just plain work, I know. Glad we just had a little fun with it.

sweet bay said...

We got a little bit of snow today, and it was gone within an hour. 63 degrees sounds wonderful!

Caroline said...

Snow is fun when you only have to deal with it once every few years or so! That bird house is a hoot.

Janet said...

The little bug guys who were up to their eyeballs are pretty funny.
I like snow when it is a novelty once a year. ;-)

Gail said...

beautiful hellebore and adorable daughter...Your life is full! Hoping all is going well with Tanner. gail

Lancashire rose said...

Miss Phoebe is beautiful. Much nicer than our Garmin, which we christened Phoebe! And such a pretty little bird house. I wonder who will be moving in there-wrens I suspect. The girls certainly had fun in the snow- I bet there were more kids playing outside than usual.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Diana said...

MMD -- I can certainly understand your passing on the snow. 1 day was just enough for us! Ha!

Sweet Bay -- It's bizarre though, that one day we have snow and the next it's in the 60s!

Caroline -- I really do wish the birds would clean out their own houses, though. They creep me out - always worried I am going to disturb a nest or find wasps!

Janet -- I normally have those bugs in a pot, but they got scattered in heavy winds so I put them on top of the hose reel box. They were staring out at me from the snow begging to be photographed!

Gail -- The whole Hellebore plant looks pitiful. The leaves are 1/2 dead and nasty, but boy that bloom is something!

Lancashire Rose -- So funny you named your Garmin Phoebe! Does she have a nice voice?! Thanks again for my plant - great to see you yesterday. I hope you are doing well.

Jayne said...

We didn't get any snow down here in Houston, although there was a nice frost on the roof a couple of mornings this week. Your hellibore is beautiful.